To help Covestro’s customers casting their own applications based on Covestro products, Atos developed the Covestro Easy Casting App as a part of Covestro’s Digital Customer Journey program. Watch this video to learn more.

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Change the perspective and it becomes simple

In preparing for this year’s TechEd in Barcelona I had lots of walks with my dog trying to explain to her (in a somewhat one-sided discussion…) why I believe that creating a private option for the SAP Cloud Platform product is a brilliant move towards solving a number of challenges we have previously faced.


Atos becomes partner to deliver SAP Cloud Platform, private edition

Atos has been selected by SAP, a market leader in enterprise application software, to be a partner in supplying SAP Cloud Platform, private edition, its dedicated customer cloud offering for application development, extensibility and integration.


Gearing up with Service Accelerators to embrace the pace of Digital Innovation

We are living in interesting time. Technology updates and the digital wave is forcing IT industry to constantly adapt with new ways of engaging with customers.

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