After an initial JumpStart workshop in the field of process automation, BS|ENERGY decided to use the potential of artificial intelligence in the area of maintenance as well. In a 4-day workshop, opportunities and challenges in the field of automated sewer inspection were highlighted and a prototype developed on the Google Cloud Platform. Watch this video to learn more.

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Artificial Intelligence has featured in our technology conversations for years. From the early neural network designs and expert systems of the 1980s; Big Blue’s victory over Gary Kasparov in 1997; and the ubiquitous presence of smiley robots at trade fairs, AI has been on the periphery for a while.

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Atos launches the most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence software suite available on the market to simplify and accelerate adoption of AI

Atos announces Atos Codex AI Suite, the most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) software suite available on the market, to support businesses and research institutes in the development, deployment and management of AI applications.

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AI will change the way we do business and, ultimately, change our lives. It offers your organisation personalization, prediction and security as never before.

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