German Mission Network (GMN)

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Günter Koinegg, Head of Public Sector & Defense Atos Central Europe, emphasizes the service orientation of Atos and ESG: “I am delighted that the Bundeswehr has placed its trust in us to implement this important project. For Atos, the Bundeswehr is a very important, strategic customer in Germany. We bring to the development of the German Mission Network our expertise and many years of experience in the defense sector, as well as innovative ideas and experience from other industries. With our capabilities and the high motivation of our team, we will realize this important building block in the German Mission Network and lead it to success.”

Christoph Otten, CEO of ESG, underlines the special motivation for this important project for the digitization of the German Armed Forces: “In all our projects at ESG, the focus is always on those who are responsible for the protection and security of our country day after day, in basic operations as well as on missions. For them, it is essential to provide exactly what they need to successfully fulfill their mission – with the best possible protection. That’s why we will lead GMN to success with passion and engineering precision, together with our partners – for the benefit of our soldiers – for the benefit of our customer Bundeswehr.”

German Mission Network (GMN) – Bundeswehr

Atos and ESG have jointly won the public tendering procedure of the Bundesamts für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) for the development of the German Mission Network Block 1 (GMN 1). The consortium, consisting of ESG and Atos, thus prevailed over the competitors and secured the “GMN 1 Muster” project.

The challenge

GMN, as a follow-on project to HaFIS, will expand the harmonized command and control information system in the coming years to improve interoperability in national and multinational operations. The GMN project will be fully compatible with NATO’s Federated Mission Networking (FMN) and will merge the IT mission systems that are spatially separated today into one physical, logical and interoperable system.

The focus is on the use of a joint force platform. This is mission-oriented and sustainable and ensures the exchange of information across all levels. GMN will be used for operations, trainings, exercises and the integration with international partners. The special need for protection of sensitive information will be ensured.

The solution

A special focus is placed on service orientation. The experience that the GMN consortium has already gained in industrial projects is being used to define and successfully introduce a “Manufacturing Service” to the Bundeswehr for the first time.

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Software Defined Datacenter
  • Private Cloud Computing
  • Container Virtualization
  • Media disruption-free data exchange via secure network transitions
  • Standardization and automation of interfaces between different tools/ technologies

The “GMN 1 Muster” will be the first stage, in the form of a representative solution, to form the basis for a later planned GMN 1 series production.

Business benefit

When the GMN is fully implemented, it will be used as a joint force platform. It will be mission-oriented, sustainable and ensure the exchange of information across all levels. The GMN will be used for operations, training, exercises and the integration of international partners. The special protection of sensitive information will be ensured.

  • High flexibility through national as well as multinational deployment and cross-operational command and control
  • Joint Force Platform
  • “Manufacturing Service” – standardization and unification of technical and organizational manufacturing processes
  • Deployable, scalable and protected systems
  • Continuous information exchange from the soldier to the homeland
  • Highest standards of information security

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