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Atos is proud to be selected as one of three strategic partners to deliver GovNext-ICT services under a 5 year Head Agreement, including a further 5 year extension option.

The agreement defines Atos’ role in the Western Australia Government’s ICT Strategy, the GovNext–ICT Program. This is a critical step in Western Australia’s transformation journey towards a Digital Future.

The ICT program endeavours to utilise the maturing capability of the private sector to provide flexible Cloud-based Compute/Storage, Network and Communications infrastructure services that match demand with capacity, it will also enable the Western Australia Government to:

  • Provide efficient, scalable, reliable, agile and inter-operable infrastructure and communications services that meet demands
  • Provide the foundation to foster innovation in ICT solutions for delivery of government services, including data integration and analysis for decision making
  • Ensure demonstrable transparency of costs and operations
  • Encourage further ICT investment in Western Australia
  • Take advantage of innovations and cost reductions due to improvements in technology
  • Institute a more governed and coordinated approach to ICT utilisation, procurement and delivery, across all government agencies in Western Australia
  • Make high quality services available throughout Western Australia (Metropolitan, Regional and Remote)

Cloud services

Atos provides a scalable Hybrid Cloud service with enterprise grade service levels to enable the WA government to cost effectively improve time-to-deploy services and software products, improve software deployment reliability and orchestrate cloud assets across Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Co-location architectures.

To meet business objectives of the GovNext-ICT program, Atos is providing a transformational Hybrid Cloud Solution built with leading technologies from Dell/EMC and VMware and managed through a single pane of glass provided through ServiceNow.

The GovNext-ICT Hybrid Cloud solution comprises of the following:

Atos GovNext-ICT-Community Cloud

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Virtual Data Centre

Atos GovNext-ICT-Private Cloud

  • Hyperconverged Software Defined Cloud Platform

Public Cloud connections

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ServiceNow
  • Unifying portal for all Atos services – provisioning, billing, reporting and support

Additionally Atos can provide

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Storage as a Service (SaaS)

Communication Services

Atos brings government and people together in a changing world with communication and collaboration technology. Our suite of IP-based services has been designed to do precisely that – to keep government and people collaborating via the following:

Voice over (IP) Telephony – Harness the power of integrated communications solutions. Our services combine the strength of enterprise-grade unified communications products with the reach and reliability of our partner networks so government can seamlessly connect people across locations, networks and devices.

IP Conferencing – our conferencing services offer a wide array of audio, video, and web conferencing features. Blends with existing systems and also creates a highly secure connection.

Communication services are delivered with our partners via a world class infrastructure.

Co-location services

Atos has more than 25 years of experience in delivering Data Centre Optimization, Consolidation and Transformation services. This has led to a strong appreciation of the criticality of the Data Centre and the role we play to enable our clients to realize efficiencies and generate savings in the management of ICT infrastructure.

To us, Co-location services are more than just providing Data Centre space and power facilities. Co-location services are typically the first step of a transformational journey which provides the opportunity to benefit from consolidation of the existing environment to a common operating framework with a standardized network and security solution.

In addition, Atos delivers a central Data Centre network and connectivity solution, and an approach for the migration of current assets to future Data Centre environment thus maximizing the financial savings and ensuring advanced security controls are established.

Co-location services are delivered by our Data Centre partners who also support the Atos Cloud Hub in WA. These key partnerships are with providers who comply with the highest Tier III certification standards, and include, Metronode, Next DC and Pier DC.

Network services

Atos is helping Government ICT Infrastructure to establish a unified network with secure access to the WA government IT services with industry leaders like CISCO, Juniper, Optus, Telstra and Vocus.

Wide Area Network Services are used to provide efficient and reliable connections to IT government services, as well to connect geographically dispersed users across the state. Atos is partnering with all major telecommunications providers to deliver the links. We will help the WA government to modernize and improve the connectivity across the state.

LAN & Wireless networking enables end users to connect to all GovNext-ICT services. The network solution will support mobility, BYOD, guest access and network roaming.With this, customers will be able to roam between sites while staying connected to the corporate information resources from any GovNext-ICT location.

Internet Gateway

The Gateway service provides secure connectivity to the internet for end users as well as the public accessing government information resources. It protects critical information assets through the use of granular access control, intrusion prevention, secure remote access, etc.

Gateway services control how the information is used by people, organisations, businesses or the government. It also helps to ensure the information is used fairly and lawfully and is safe and secured.

Atos value proposition

Atos takes pride in building and growing trust and credibility with our clients by delivering a mix of technology platforms, innovations and unparalleled service. As a global leader in enabling digital transformation in the public sector, Atos continues to deliver beyond our customers’ expectations by integrating Atos solutions with the capabilities of our local and regional specialist partners and alliance network.

Atos is committed to deliver world-class standards and operational excellence that will enhance processes, security and solution capability of the Western Australia Government and agencies. Our ambition is to partner and empower the Western Australia Government and agencies in their digital journey.

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