Meet the artists

The Atos Manufacturing Art Exhibition ‘22 brings together 16 renowned multi-discipline artists from the past 50 years to demonstrate their ongoing creativity. Featuring artists producing super-black pigments, sculptures that draw pollution from the air, and innovations in computing and 3D visualization, the event promises to be an empowering playground designed to motivate manufacturers, engineers, and business leaders. By hosting the event, Atos intends to encourage business leaders to embrace the ambition of ‘Building the New World at Scale’ and help companies address what Atos sees as the key modern industrial challenges such as decarbonization, digital smart factories, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

Misha Milovanovich

Sculptor incorporating CAD design

Misha Milovanovich is a Belgrade-born artist who has lived and worked in London for the past 30 years. Misha works across several mediums, from sculpture to painting, which are often characterized by vivid color, optical movement and energetic visual cadences.

Bill Michalak

General Motors Designer

Bill Michalak’s dream was always to design for General Motors and he was lucky enough to achieve his dream. Along the way he managed to get many of his design into production while working for Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet and Buick.


Stuart Semple

Multidisciplinary artist & inventor of the Pinkest Pink

Born in 1980, Stuart Semple is a multidisciplinary British artist working across painting, sculpture, happenings, technology and activism. Semple is well known for utilising the internet as a performance space, via such projects as The Pinkest Pink and Blackest Black.

Jacky Tsai

Pioneer pop artist

Jacky Tsai is a Chinese artist based in London. His inventive approach fuses traditional Eastern artistic techniques and imagery with western Pop Art references to create an original style that also incorporates technology such as AR.

Jasmine Pradissitto

Artist, scientist, speaker, and environmentalist

Jasmine Pradissitto is an award-winning London based British artist, scientist, speaker, and environmentalist. Pradissitto is dedicated to highlighting solutions to the climate crisis and promoting equity and sustainability through materials.

Rob Hooper


Rob Hooper is an award-winning illustrator who learned his craft in advertising and design for 15 years. Most recently he was shortlisted in 2020 for an Illustrative Award and was ranked 3rd best digital illustrator on

Harkalé Linaï

Painter and illustrator

Harkalé Linaï is a painter and illustrator from Lorient, France. Her main sources of inspiration are the beauty and wonderful diversity of our world and the familiar absurdity of dreams.

Lee Johnson


Lee Johnson is a British artist whose work is focussed on the use of second hand or discarded materials. He is interested in the future of the world – economic, political, environmental – and its reliance on sustainability.

Martina Paukova


Martina Paukova is a Slovak illustrator based in Berlin. Her unique vector illustrations depict topics such as home, office, indoors, working life, technology and relationships, and her clients include household names like Google, Apple, The Economist and The New Yorker.

Nicola Ellis

Visual artist

Nicola Ellis is a visual artist based in Manchester, UK. Through her practice, Ellis observes, documents and subverts the intended functions of processes and communications in complex ecosystems, most recently within manufacturing and technology settings.

Chris Foss

Science fiction illustrator

Christopher F. Foss is a British artist and science fiction illustrator. He is best known for his many science fiction book covers and for his work on numerous films including Marvel’s 2014 hit film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Freddie Yauner


Freddie Yauner designs products and installations that aim to engage and inform. He is concerned with exploring the state of the world through designed objects.

Syd Mead

Industrial designer and neo-futurist concept artist

Sydney Jay Mead was an iconic American industrial designer and neo-futurist concept artist, widely known for his designs for science-fiction films such as Blade Runner, Aliens and Tron. Mead was described as “the artist who illustrates the future”.

Joanna Wlaszyn

Interdisciplinary artist, teacher and researcher

Joanna Wlaszyn is a Polish-French interdisciplinary artist, teacher and researcher based in Paris. Her work fuses visual language with conceptual experimentation in a constantly evolving post-digital culture.

Raymond Loewy

One of the key designers in the 20th century

Referred to as ‘The Father of Industrial Design’, Raymond Loewy was a key designer of the 20th century whose contributions included iconic logos (Shell, BP, US Postal Service), Lucky Strike cigarette packs, the Coca-Cola bottle, and the interior design of the NASA Skylab.

Andy Warhol

Artist, filmmaker, and leader of the Pop Art movement of the 60s

In 1962 Warhol exhibited paintings of Campbell’s soup cans, Coca-Cola bottles, and wooden replicas of Brillo soap pad boxes and received sudden notoriety. By 1963 he was mass-producing these purposely banal images of consumer goods.