Covitwo is looking for volunteers willing to cough for a good cause

As part of the call for projects for innovative solutions to combat Covid-19 launched by the French government, the Covitwo entrepreneurial collective, which includes the startup RCup as well as Atos, global leader in digital transformation, has created a solution capable of detecting the risks of non-compliance with health regulations in public or private places (office or factory entrances, shops, etc.), based on the recognition of coughs, among other things.

In order to develop its solution, the collective has launched a crowdsourcing process that aims to collect as many different "cough" samples as possible and thus identify the sound signature of the Covid-19's cough.

A "cough bank" of at least 200,000 samples is thought to be sufficient to eventually deploy Covitwo.

The Covitwo team has put online a cough registration system complete with keywords, easily accessable from home and taking no more than5 minutes to complete, at the following link: (not available at the moment on Safari and IE).

This recording is completely anonymous and untraceable and does not track participants.

Cough recognition is only one aspect of the complete solution to be developed. In addition to remotely detecting the cough characteristics of Covid-19, it could also be able to identify people not wearing masks or to detect an abnormally high body temperature - all with complete respect of data confidentiality.

As part of this project, Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, is providing Covitwo with a digital platform and is contributing its security expertise, in particular to ensure compliance with RGPD.



About Covitwo

Wercup (brand Rcup) is the entity presenting the project. It works in collaboration with specialists in each sub-domain to manage the time, cost and quality of the solution.

The Rcup startup provides Artificial Intelligence solutions aimed at preventing work accidents. Frédéric Lassara, its president, spent 13 years in the industry at PSA. He is a former Auditor of the IHEDN and holds an MBA from the Ecole des officiers de Gendarmerie nationale (EOGN).

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, is providing Covitwo with a digital platform, produced for Rcup in 2019, and will bring its security expertise to this project, in particular to ensure compliance with RGPD.


Press contact

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Atos : Lucie Duchateau - - +33 07 62 85 35 10

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