Atos drives the accessibility agenda by signing Valuable 500 campaign

24th April 2019

Today, Atos CEO and Chairman, Thierry Breton, signed the Valuable 500 campaign signaling Atos’ commitment to driving inclusion and accessibility from the board level through the global organization.

Philippe Mareine, Atos Head of Group Human Resources, and Corporate and Social Responsibility said, “Diversity and inclusion not only drive business performance but create social added value. Through our People and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, we are showing that we are committed to deliver accessible digital solutions and services over the long term to our employees and clients. This is why we were keen to be one of the first companies to sign up to the Valuable 500 campaign.”

Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the aim of Valuable 500 is to put disability on the leadership agenda of at least 500 large, multinational enterprises. This will act as a tipping point for the accessibility agenda, influencing others to follow.

Within the last year Atos has appointed a Global Head of Accessibility and launched a far-reaching accessibility policy. This policy makes accessibility an explicit requirement within the products and services used within the organization and those delivered to customers.

Neil Milliken, Atos Global Head of Accessibility said, “Technology empowers inclusion, as a technology organization, involved in both the delivery and the design of emerging technologies, we can be pioneers in this area. Ensuring that the technology of tomorrow is designed and delivered with accessibility principles in mind.”

Atos is committed to digital inclusion and has contributed to global standards and the professionalization of accessibility.


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