Atos successfully develops EU surveillance system as part of ZONeSEC project, for the protection of large critical water, gas and communication infrastructures

Madrid, 13 February 2019 Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, has successfully developed, together with 18 other partners, a robust and scalable surveillance system to protect critical infrastructure (such as gas pipelines and electricity networks) extended over widezones* across Europe, as part of European project ZONeSEC. The project’s success has culminated in a formal offer of purchase by a European critical infrastructure operator.

This four-year demonstration initiative has resulted in a system-of-systems, which brings together the most advanced tools and methodologies in critical infrastructure protection, to enable surveillance communities across various countries, visualize the critical infrastructure and the sensors used for widezone surveillance, detect illicit activities and alert operators, in order to protect against any physical or digital attacks. ZONeSEC protects critical infrastructures extended over hundreds of kilometers with the possible potential inclusion of hundreds or thousands of sensors.

Atos led on the technical project management (including design, construction of the system architecture, and the integration of all technical elements) through the management and coordination of all technical participants. In addition, Atos created the elements of the core of the system, including most of the micro-services, visual analysis elements based on Deep Learning, and the cyber-agent module. Atos also managed all communication and business development activities.

In its last year, the project has had three final demonstrations in three real critical installations located in Spain, Romania and Greece. The facilities, which were used for the pilot testing throughout the life of the project, included large communication routes, water purification facilities and gas treatment and distribution facilities.

The consortium is composed of 19 partners from different sectors and countries such as Germany, Greece, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

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* Widezones around critical infrastructures (e.g. gas or oil pipelines, highways, electricity networks, water supply networks) are defined as an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or is subject to particular restrictions. A failure or threat materialized at one critical point along the Widezone can compromise the integrity of the critical infrastructures.


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