Atos announces new version of its Evidian Identity Governance & Administration solution


Monaco, October 11, 2018

Atos announces the release of the latest version of itsEvidian Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution. This new release includes enhanced security features, with the possibility to certify users’ rights for a specified application, an additional set of governance reports adapted to various use cases, and new deployment functionalities.

Enhanced Security

This enhanced version adds a new dimension in identity governance with the possibility to launch Access Certification Campaigns using applications and permission as trigger points. Through this new feature, security professionals can focus on applications according to their level of risk and recertify user’s rights and entitlements.

‘Access Certification Campaigns’ come with their dedicated set of reports to analyze governance processes and serve as proofs of compliance.

Extended set of governance reports

A new set of performance indicators and security reports strengthen the existing range of governance reports already available in the solution:

  • Personal Data Reports – provide users with direct access to their personal information
  • New Performance Reports – enable users to keep track of managers’ response times [in the execution of demands] and ensure the comprehensive monitoring of the level of service within the organization
  • Permissions Reports – [on permissions directly assigned, outside of a specific role] enable users to determine whether the security policy is of sufficient quality or needs to be adjusted
  • Security Reports [for the reconciliation process] – enable security professionals to enforce the user rights policy in the targeted systems and ensure processes go in compliance with the defined policy

Easy Deployment

Evidian IGA provides even more flexible Identity Management features: administrators can easily adjust approval behaviors and create templates for their organizations and related identities.

From now on, during the deployment phase, administrators can automatically create all associated permissions in a single operation – thus making the applications easier to onboard.

Evidian IGA includes more than 40 workflow processes and a specific organizational model to facilitate the deployment of delegated administration.

Evidian’s solution offers built-in features to support all use cases and identity life cycle patterns – with no need for additional programming or service. It also shortens implementation time and reduces costs.

In January, Atos was awarded the “France Cybersecurity” Label for its identity administration and access management solutions (Evidian IGA – Identity Governance and Administration), developed in France.


Meet Atos experts at the Assises de la Sécurité tradeshow in Monaco from October 10 - 13 on booth #130.




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