WNE 2018: Atos provides Machine Learning & NLP technologies for EDF nuclear power plants

Paris, June 25, 2018

As part of its nuclear power plants lifespan expansion plan, EDF, one of the world’s main electricity provider, is improving its process quality and making the work of its employees easier and safer through the optimization and digital transformation of several procedures.

Atos, through its subsidiary Atos Worldgrid, provides a solution, AnTARES[1], that enables EDF engineers designing pressurized water reactors (PWRs) operating procedures to simply and automatically test operating procedures changes on simulators, thanks to machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

Atos’ challenge was to identify natural language semantic content in those procedures, formerly kept and used in paper format.

The NLP tool analyzes the natural language and estimates the confidence level: according to the rating, the translation into pivot language is done automatically as long as AnTARES is self-confident in its translation or handed over to an employee. Each time a human translation is needed, AnTARES automatically learns from it for a continuous improvement of the automatic translation. The pivot language is then automatically translated into simulator language – and stored in the system memory.

Atos’s solution reinforces the security behind all procedures validation, at a lower cost. Additionally, EDF agents gain time and can focus on core activities.

“We have been using Atos’ tool for more than a year in two of our main engineering centers and we can’t do without it anymore. We are currently working with Atos on further developments” says the Accidental Conduct Rules Group Leader[2] at EDF.

Atos and EDF will present this successful project during a common workshop at the World Nuclear Exhibition 2018 (details below).

Atos at World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2018

Atos team of nuclear industry specialists will be present during the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) that takes place in Paris 26 – 28 June, on stand stand 7-F89 to explore ‘New digital horizons in nuclear’ and discuss how digitalization is shaping tomorrow’s nuclear industry.

Don’t miss:

June 27 – 11:30AM – Zone 2 - Atos and the Sellafield will present a successful approach to digital transformation, fostering a culture of immediate collaboration with supply chain partners in order to shorten business cycles and accelerate the high hazard reduction.

June 28 – 12.30PM, Zone 1 - Atos and EDF will present Atos’ solution to automate procedures verification for EDF power plants by using innovations such as natural language processing and machine learning.

[1] AnTARES project : « Animateur pour les Transitoires Accidentels des REP Simulés » (Animator for Accidental Transients of Simulated PWRs) – Atos Worldgrid for EDF

[2] In French : Chef de groupe Doctrine et Conduite Accidentelle (DCA)



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