Atos integrates Crosscall ruggedized smartphones into its Hoox for mission solution for intervention forces

22 January 2018

Atos has chosen Crosscall, the outdoor mobile technology industry leader and manufacturer of all-terrain smartphones, to enhance its Hoox for mission solution.

To expand its Hoox for mission range, Atos called upon innovative French company Crosscall, well-known by sports professionals and those in the field. Since 2013, Crosscall has offered its range of smartphones created for hostile and unpredictable environments, resistant to extreme conditions, waterproof and dustproof and with long-lasting battery life.

Atos’ Hoox for mission is an ultra-secure and resilient 4G/LTE communication solution for intervention forces. Hoox for mission combines the usability of consumer smartphones with the confidentiality and resilience required by security forces.

This modular tactical communication solution includes Hoox Smartphone, a secure terminal for intervention forces; Hoox Hub, a portable case that automatically switches between communication channels; and Hoox LTE Bubble, a module for deploying a private 4G network.

Integrated into the Hoox for mission range, Crosscall smartphones are equipped with the Android-based secure operating system and Atos’ field applications. Hoox technology and architecture secures the communication chain from end to end: smartphone, communications and applications.

Speakers can use Hoox functions on their smartphones such as walkie-talkie style "push-to-talk" and "blue Force tracking" which enables users to geo-locate other intervention team members.

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