Recruitment and Sport for all: a fantastic day at the CDMGE


For the third year running Atos took part in the Challenge du Monde des Grandes Ecoles et Universités (CDMGE), one of the largest recruitment events for undergraduates and businesses in Europe.

The event which took place on Saturday 10th June 2017 was attended by thousands of students dressed in their university colours. Our teams welcomed hundreds of students to our stand where we presented the various different roles at Atos. In-depth chats, where our colleagues presented their expertise as well as the professional opportunities offered by the Atos Group, were conducted on individual tables surrounding the stand.

The stunning weather also meant our teams were able to test their physical strength in the sports competitions. We took part in several team sports including football (as well as giant human babyfoot), the 400m relay and wheelchair basketball, underlining our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities. Congratulations to all #AtosTeam ambassadors for taking part and a special mention to our champion Suthes Placedes for his gold medal in the 10k.

Our vibrant and energetic team on the Business Technology & Innovation Center (BTIC) stand presented Atos’ IT innovations in a fun way and also highlighted the Atos IT Challenge, an international student competition.

The event was highlighted by the presence of French sporting legends such as Stéphane Diagana, Christine Arron and Muriel Curtis as well as Laura Flessel, the French Minister of Sports.

Just like this exceptional day, the messages shared on social media were also passionate and the highlights were shared extensively on Twitter - the hashtag #JoinAtosTeam was also one of the trending topics in the whole of France. Come and join us again next year!

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