Enabling engaging and connected sporting events with 5G

Atos presents its vision for the new generation of event engagement and management strategies at Mobile World Congress

5G is the hottest topic at Mobile World Congress this year. It promises enormous user benefits, from near real-time response rates to new connected usages, especially with the increase in the Internet of Things (IoT).

As Worldwide IT partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we believe that 5G will encourage new forms of engagement from sport fans, athletes and journalists. Sport events are the perfect showcase for how mobile can be used effectively and in a variety of ways. From broadcast news, to crowd management, ticketing and security, from the seats at the game to the sofa in front of a screen, 5G will enable new usage scenarios – even those that we can perhaps not even imagine.

With great expectations come great challenges, and Atos is currently defining its approach, with regards to networks and security, to enable 5G to deliver the best experience sport fans deserve.

Patrick Adiba, Chief Commercial Officer Atos and Chief Executive Officer Olympics and Major Events, will share our vision and expertise at Mobile World Congress.

Come and listen to the keynote in Auditorium 1 or watch it live online today at 12:30pm CET.

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