Atos recruits new participants in Poland as part of its “Bydgoszcz is looking for talents” program

Bydgoszcz, Paris, 23 February 2017

The third edition of the “Bydgoszcz is looking for talents” program has been completed. The project was organized by the Bydgoszcz regional development agency (Bydgoska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego) in partnership with Atos, the Bydgoszcz University of Economy (Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki w Bydgoszczy) and the Project Management Institute Poland Chapter Association (PMI PC).

The main purpose of this project is to encourage innovation in the local community. Activity is focused on supporting new companies, developing business activity and increasing investment in human capital through enhanced skills and better education.

Workshops chaired by professionals from Project Management Institute Poland Chapter (PMI PC) discussed project management in an international environment. A total of 16 participants were recruited (over 20% of applicants) by Atos, took part in the workshops and received PMI PC certifications.

A competition to create the best project management was organised as part of the workshops. The two winners were Monika Mohylowska and Renata Romanowska. Organizers also handed out commendations to Natalia Krzynówek and Kinga Schneider-Woźniak. The winners, in addition to the prizes, also received job offers from Atos Global Delivery Center in Poland.

The ‘Bydgoszcz is looking for talents’ project is a magnificent opportunity for these people, who want to challenge and test their knowledge of project management in the real business world. Through this experience they cansignificantly increase their qualifications.” says Mirosław Mąka, xFS Tower Country Manager in Atos Global Delivery Center in Poland. “Working with Atos is not only an opportunity to achieve their goals, but is also an extraordinary experience. At the same time it offers added value for the company as our professionals have an opportunity to work with talented young people.”

According to experts, the role of the Project Manager is a profession of the future. “Project Management is a field with high development potential. Each project, each team, and every client relationship is unique and hence provides a new experience, which is educational and formative. This provides the opportunity to, or even a guarantee of, constant development” adds Mirosław Mąka.

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