Atos embraces Change Management with a holistic intelligent automation approach

Paris, 2 February 2017

Atos Employees: trained to implement and use Robotic Processes

Implementing Robotic Process Automation enables businesses to eliminate human error, increase efficiency and reduce costs, however there is often much misconception and fear amongst employees surrounding robotics. To manage this, Atos has been running several internal initiatives to ensure all Atos staff have access to free online training and an certification program to learn more about Robotic Process Automation. Additionally, an internal kick-off meeting was organized recently on ‘Automation Robotics’ in Dallas, USA, as part of Atos’ Digital Experts network program. The objectives of this network – which meet four times a year - are to develop 1,300 ambassadors worldwide to build an end-to-end and cross-Service Line Vision of Atos digital expertise through the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Michael Seiger, Global Head of Application Management at Atos comments: “We offer a holistic end-to-end RPA Proof-of-Value approach which helps manage the human fear of change. Our cloud technology platform enables us to run and test-drive the robotic pilots and finally taking those robotic solutions into a fully scalable and managed service operation.”

Daniel Dines, CEO and Founder of UiPath said: “We’re delighted that our close partnership with Atos over the last year has led to this Global Alliance. Our collaborative relationship is also reflected in the cognitive and Cloud Robotic developments of our latest products. I look forward to working with Atos this year to set new standards in the industry for RPA technology and solutions”.

Reza Khalesi, Managing Partner at Atos Consulting concludes: “To ensure the long term effectiveness of the end-to-end solution, we place Change Management at the heart of our approach. We focus on staff involvement to identify strategic robotic automation opportunities and then quickly move to implement the platform.”

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