Atos ranked in Winners’ Circle in latest HfS blueprint for IoT Services

30 January 2017

Atos, a global leader in digital services, is ranked in the Winners’ Circle of the latest Blueprint on Internet of Things (IoT) services published by HfS Research, The Services Research CompanyTM. The positioning highlights Atos’ excellence in the 8 ideals of both innovation and execution with HFs highlighting key strengths as deep IoT credibility and domain knowledge together with a strong vision for IoT.

The report highlights in particular the end-to-end capabilities of Atos and its subsidiary, Worldline. Together Atos and Worldline provide services ranging from ‘thing engineering’, telecoms connectivity through to operating IoT as a service for a client firm and, importantly, securing enterprise scale IoT initiatives. It also recognizes the strategic alliance with Siemens as enabling IoT R&D and new delivery models. For IoT as a Service, Atos uses the Worldline platform and BPO business model which have a strong, proven track record.

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