Atos IT Challenge: New edition!

The race for innovative concepts on blockchain technologies has started

For the 6th edition of this technology competition initiated by Atos, university students from all around the world can submit their innovative concepts based on blockchain technologies. Teams of 2 to 4 members can participate. Registration is possible online until November 30th 2016 on IT Challenge 2017. The contest offers students the opportunity to turn their ideas into working concepts. Eventually, a €10,000 prize will be awarded to the members of the winning team, allowing them to bring their app to life.


Blockchain is the topic which was announced for the IT Challenge 2017 and the technology behind the cyber currency Bitcoin A blockchain is a decentralized and immutable tamper-proof data register. The fledgling technology has even greater potential: It should bring about the next great revolutions in the financial and economic world, as well as the Internet.

How to disrupt conventional business models ? How to create an app that’s safe while public?

For the participating students, the challenge is to develop an innovative concept that shows how the principles of safe, public accounts can be used to break through conventional business models. The concept can be aligned in various business applications, such as health, education or government, but should be based on existing Block Chain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum orMulti Chain.

The best 15 concepts from all submissions will be announced in mid-December. Then the remaining teams commence the second hot stage of the competition - the app development. The winner will be announced in June 2017 in Paris.


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