Atos, a Key Player of the Cybersecurity European Public-Private Partnership

July 5

European Commission signed a public-private partnership contractOn July 5, the European Commission signed a public-private partnership contract with the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO) in order to combat cyberattacks more efficiently.In line with the Digital Single Market and faced with a drastic increase in cybersecurity requirements in all industry sectors, Europe urgently needs to implement a globally coordinated industrial cyber strategy. This partnership contract aims to reinforce the cooperation and synergies between all players working in this sector, to support competitiveness, and to help Europe gain more strategic autonomy.
Global industrial cyber policy"This global industrial cyber policy should allow us to strengthen ourselves even more against cyber threats and develop innovative trusted solutions to respond to the challenges related to cybersecurity" says Alexis Caurette, Global Head of Cybersecurity Consulting & Integration at Atos and mandated by ANSSI (French National Agency for Computer Security) to represent the French industrial companies working in cybersecurity. In this regard, as a founding member of ECSO and the First Director elected by its peers for a period of three years, Atos has already been working to implement this partnership contract for a long time, and has steered the definition of the industrial proposal for the public-private partnership.

This public-private partnership contract will boost the cybersecurity industry by generating an investment of 1.8 billion euros by 2020: the European Union will invest 450 million euros as part of its Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation, and the market stakeholders and members of ECSO should invest three times more.
ECSO, Atos, and the public-private partnership contract are raising general awareness of the cybersecurity challenges facing Europe, and will enable it to adopt the necessary tools to address them.

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