Atos IT Challenge 2016: An innovative app for online data management wins first prize!

16 June 2016


This year, “the Right to be forgotten” is the ambitious theme that was chosen for our challenge, at the crossroads of security, legal and reputation issues. At the heart of all students concerns, one major topic emerged: the crucial importance of controlling your online reputation making sure you don’t miss a job opportunity due to critical content. Fifteen teams from all around the world worked for several months on developing their app, before three finalists were nominated in May.

The finalists presented apps that can list all our personal online data and filter them in a better way. They were in Paris the 14th June, for an exciting awards ceremony. The winner of this 5th edition is app “Breadcrumb” designed by the students of Loughborough University, UK!

The team took a bold step: beyond allowing users to delete embarrassing content, the app offers to help you control and improve your online image. The concept is simple and can be applied to both individuals and companies: users enumerate all their personal information in the app that scans the web and maps out a dashboard with all content about them based on the emotional tone: negative, neutral or positive. Following this analysis, the app gives several advices to manage online persona. A project that answers directly a burning issue of our hyper-connected world!

For the first time, we also awarded the most active team on Social Media - Go n Gone team (Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia) – for their engagement on the web. As a matter of fact, our Social Media monitoring expertise took a new dimension this year thanks to our new Social Business Centre, which is heart of our monitoring and Data Analytics strategy.

Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President, coordinating Global functions and Chief Executive Officer Worldline, Jury President of the Challenge, concluded the ceremony: “We need to find a solution to secure a native control of the data flow during their life-cycle, and for next year, we would like to explore what block chains technologies can bring to that equation, and how it can improve Digital world security!”

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