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Atos Canada provides digital solutions, services and expertise to many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. Our proven technologies, strategic consulting and application management services help clients better anticipate and respond to perpetually shifting transformational changes in their businesses.

Atos Canada continuously differentiates itself as a trusted partner and recognized leader in digital services and solutions. These distinctions are reinforced by strategic partnerships with Dell EMC, SAP, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Siemens and Cisco, among other technology leaders.

Strong partnerships are critical to giving our clients access to best-in-class technologies that enable greater customer service agility and business performance in any industry. We currently serve healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, media, energy, utilities, public sector, retail, technology, telecommunications and transportation markets.

Atos operates under the brands Atos and Atos|Syntel. Atos is a SE (Societas Europaea), listed on Euronext Paris and included on the CAC 40 ESG and Next 20 Paris Stock Indexes.

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Atos Digital Transformation Factory

Optimize your digital strategy using blueprints for hybrid cloud, digital transformation, Atos Codex analytics platform and Atos Digital Workplace.

Atos Codex

Transform data into business outcomes with an analytics portfolio that includes predictive and big data analysis.

Atos Business Accelerators

Unleash the potential of real-time business with SAP HANA, Atos consulting and cloud integration.

Atos Digital Workplace

Improve unified communication with a secure digital workplace services platform.

Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud

Gain the agility, speed and scalability of a comprehensive suite of orchestrated hybrid cloud services.


Protect your critical assets with a cybersecurity solutions portfolio that includes active defence, end-to-end governance, IoT security and identity management.

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Predictive manufacturing IoT


According to PAC, an industry research firm, IT services spending in manufacturing is increasing at a much higher rate than in other industries. It’s expected to represent about 25 percent of all spending in 2020.

Digital transformation is creating new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Atos has highly differentiated solutions for Industry 4.0 including product lifecycle management, manufacturing execution systems and CAx – empowered by new technologies like additive manufacturing and augmented reality. To deliver maximum value to our customers we have built alliances with Siemens and other leaders in manufacturing. Our manufacturing solutions include Prescriptive Manufacturing Business Planning (PMBP), a jointly developed Atos Codex analytics solution created with one of our customers.
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Digital Healthcare Solutions


In the US, healthcare leaders have their feet in two separate industries: One driven by volume and one driven by value and quality. They walk a veritable tight rope between championing a new healthcare future and running a business hampered by regulations they can’t control. Many vendors have technology solutions. Atos digital health solutions takes a different approach. We believe in the value of health.

Atos combines deep healthcare knowledge with global expertise in transforming consumer experiences to deliver a volume to value transition that refocuses care on the value of health. Our specialists are helping drive digital transformation by enabling better healthcare quality and lowering costs. We ensure data security and accessibility for our healthcare clients and help them optimize and integrate financial, clinical and network operations.
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IoT analytics SmartGrid Analytics


The facts speak for themselves: Utility markets are deregulating. Renewables already make up 10 percent of the energy mix. Smart grids and meters point the way to smarter and more discerning customers. IoT is driving transformational change.

With 30 years of utility market experience, Atos provides a credible and intelligent partner through these transformational changes. IDC, a U.S.-based industry research firm, positions Atos as a leader in its MarketScape analysis of utility market IT service providers. Our ability to apply real-time analytics, for example, in revenue protection sets our services apart from many competitors. At the same time, we sustain a focus on operational and business technology that drives out cost, helping our utility customers fund a digitally enabled future.
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Digital smart stores


The Atos Scientific Community estimates that 84 percent of smartphone owners use their phones in stores. More than any other industry, retailers benefit from greater digital collaboration with consumers in an omnichannel world – whether that’s on their phones or through converged digital-physical retail landscapes.

Atos is a business technology partner to some of the world’s best known retail brands. We provide cutting-edge seamless services for merchants on any device. Our application management services keep retail applications at peak performance at all times. Atos advanced analytics and cloud-based solutions help retailers imagine and implement winning business models – with particular emphasis on customer personalization.
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Smart Cities

Public Sector

With federal, state and local agencies tasked with delivering a modernized, streamlined and ultimately more citizen facing government environment, the focus on digital transformation has never been greater. Even in the face of budgetary pressures and constraints, operational efficiency continues to be a top priority for government IT and business decision-makers.

Atos has a complete range of capabilities to help your agency achieve mission effectiveness in the most reliable and effective way possible. Codex for cities offers analytics and urban data management that not only makes our cities better places to live and work, but also makes them economically viable. Browse our website for additional information regarding cybersecurity, cloud computing, analytics, NG9-1-1 solutions or even Smart City initiatives.
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Omni-channel Financial Services

Financial Services

The intelligence and agility with which banks and insurance companies leverage customer data now becomes the foundation for service differentiation and success.

In collaboration with our customers, we look at technology trends that are changing the world and ask what they mean for every successful financial services organization: Is it real-time analytics, machine learning and process robotics, among others?

Atos helps the financial services industry exploit these new technologies to improve customers’ omnichannel experiences while streamlining manual back-office processes. This isn’t just about liberating staff from these processes; it’s about reducing error and the risks that go with it.

Digital transport solutions


By 2020, transportation companies will spend almost $39 billion on new intelligence systems, according to Grand View Research. For public and private transportation systems, for people and goods, from point of departure to destination – digital transformation is a critical business and operating imperative for this industry.

As an experienced innovator in transportation, Atos provides digital strategy and transformation solutions that enable the industry to more effectively engage travelers from the moment they begin planning their journeys online. At the same time, we provide unprecedented insight into transportation companies’ operations and pressing cybersecurity requirements.
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Telecom Digital Transformation


The Pew Research Center in 2017 said two out of three U.S. adults own smart devices, and 81 percent of Americans have a social media profile. That’s five percent growth compared to the previous year.

Success for telecommunications companies depends on high-performance managed network connectivity and the orchestration and management of an omnichannel customer experience. In the digital economy, the cloud and the data center have become pivotal in customer service provisioning. As a result, all applications are now conceived for mobile and multi-platform access. As a partner on this digital journey, Atos will help you differentiate your customer experience.
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Digital media solutions


Across broadcast, publishing and entertainment, customers’ digital experiences are being transformed by multichannel on-demand access and interaction. This transformation is mirrored in production, media asset management and monetization strategies.

These changes represent significant disruptive forces, as well market opportunities for media companies. Atos is helping the world’s premiere broadcast and publishing companies thrive in a climate of digital and social media change. We’re turning technology trends directly into business benefits for our media clients – with special emphasis on data analytics, cloud solutions and asset monetization.
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