Becoming a leader in decarbonised digital

Sustainability and the Digital Society

Understanding the scope of our environmental impact is the first step towards mitigating it. New technologies are making it easier and more affordable to manage these impacts and adopt appropriate mitigation measures. Looking to the future, digital technologies have a vital role to play in making a sustainable society a reality.

Atos has been recognized as the most sustainable IT Services company in the world by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). We are also working with a range of clients to leverage our knowledge and expertise to reduce the carbon footprint of ICT systems and deliver a sustainable society.

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Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

Environmental Policy

Our Global Environmental Policy sets out the path for minimising our environmental footprint

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Atos IT Challenge

How digital can decarbonise non-digital

Net-zero carbon emissions

Atos commits to net-zero carbon emissions by 2028

Sustainability and the Digital Society – Facts & Stats

Atos UK & Ireland has reduced electricity consumption by 27% since 2012

Atos UK & Ireland Data Centres use 100% decarbonised electricity

Atos UK & Ireland UK has 2nd lowest carbon intensity in the Atos group (5.8tCO2/million Euros)

Sustainability and the Digital Society – Our Experts

Jeff Chater

Head of Sustainability, Atos UK & Ireland

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Greg Miles

LEAN Sustainability Lead, Atos UK & Ireland

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Kulveer Ranger

Global Head of Strategy & Comms FS&I, SVP – Strategy & Communications, Atos UK&I

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