New inclusive branding for the Pride Network

The Pride Network recently unveiled its new branding with additional black and brown stripes added to the pride flag to show solidarity with LGBT+ community members and allies of all races.

Rachel Edwards, Lead for Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion at Atos UK and Ireland said: “It’s so important that we consider intersectionality in diversity. People have a huge range of experiences and the networks always make sure they are inclusive for everyone so it’s great to see the Pride network continuing to demonstrate this with the addition of the black and brown stripes in the rainbow flag!”

This flag came into more common circulation around 2017 to bring attention to reported issues of racism within the LGBT+ community and the challenges of intersectionality. Intersectionality refers to how characteristics do not exist in isolation and that discrimination can be experienced in layers.

Recent social changes have led the network to consider how to be more inclusive. The Pride Network will continue to collaborate with Atos multicultural employee network, the Together Network, to understand how it can support Atos employees and help address barriers and challenges faced.

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