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Cloud transformation

Accelerate your journey to the cloud for agile, scalable, cost-efficient and secure business operations

Data Analytics

Transforming data into business results

No organization can achieve digital transformation without hybrid cloud.

Mobility, analytics, cognitive, and the internet-of-things. These are the technologies and practices which underpin digital transformation.

With a Cloud solution as a foundation, every organization can benefit optimally from its own agility and scalability. Security and simplified access to applications and data are also essential for any successful digital transformation.

The future belongs to those who harness data opportunities.

Growth and competitiveness depend on your ability to collect, integrate, manage and transform data into business insights and outcomes. You want to anticipate customer behaviors; boost efficiency with data-driven processes; and create new business models, products and services.

We have the people and methodology you need to deliver your data strategy.

Industry 4.0 (IoT, MES, PLM)

Digital transformation for connected manufacturing

Industry 4.0 (IoT, MES en PLM) is at the heart of digital transformation for every enterprise. Its goal: creating value from insight generated by connected assets throughout the product lifecycle, manufacturing and supply chain.

Interaction between machines, products, people, processes and enterprises triggers positive change at every level. Now, you can unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth.

Our experts reveal both the most direct route to Industry 4.0 and a clearly articulated profile of benefits.

Low Coding

Increase your speed to market in a low-cost manner

Our application experts accelerate the development of ongoing projects and manage them effectively and efficiently, enabling a quick contribution to business success and go-to-market.

They streamline processes and develop functionality without programming. With a low-code platform, more applications are made in less time and the complexity of software development is simplified.


Accelerate your digital transformation for the real-time economy

SAP HANA supports operational excellence, automation and seamless integration of core business technologies.

Our experts make future-oriented technologies accessible via the cloud and work with an extensive design thinking methodology that enables rapid development of prototypes and a smooth commissioning.


Transform customer engagement for a successful and sustainable business

Our PEGA experts work with a platform that provides a systematic approach to building and implementing process-oriented and rule-based solutions and applications. They work with an innovative framework supporting the integration of existing systems. At the same time, they set up an organization-wide management system that must comply with recent legislation and regulations.

Project Management

Manage projects effectively and efficiently to contribute to business success

Application transformation and management are essential in delivering a company’s digital advantage. Our experts ensure that your application strategy is in line with your business objectives.

Project management encompasses the way projects are organized, prepared, planned, executed and completed. It usually includes several subprojects with associated teams and team leaders. Our experts work with project management systems in an agile manner and use, among other things, modern methods such as scrum.

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