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Using Public Cloud the smart way
to accelerate modernization and transformation

The growth of public cloud spending is outstripping that of private cloud, but is your organization currently using the opportunity to leverage both platforms, to innovate and create competitive advantage?

Navigating the journey to public cloud, and managing the complexities of migration, cost control and visibility can be challenging.

We bring our expertise and experience to partner with you, to design the best solution and the roadmap to deliver it.

Explore the market trends around public cloud growth and how Atos Digital Cloud Services rises to the challenge.

The benefits of enterprise-ready service patterns

Atos Digital Cloud Services, supporting Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, offer a smart way to transform your business, increasing speed of innovation to create new applications and enhancing competitive advantage with customized and bespoke service patterns to address individual business challenges.

Enterprise-ready service patterns are designed to efficiently deliver your business objectives and significantly reduce costs. They enhance the speed of innovation to create a new application, e.g. to grow, open a new market, or expand product and service features, so you can achieve new levels of efficiency, flexibility and cost-savings. Benefits are:

Increased speed, of both innovation and service to the end-user

Predictable infrastructure costs

A flexible storage resource – easily scaled up and down

Improved time to value and business performance

Reduced costs through right-sizing, and prioritizing and optimizing applications

Data Protection

Enhanced security and visibility to protect business continuity

Continuous guidance on adopting and managing cloud-native services to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and to modernize and transform your organization

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