Digital Hybrid Cloud

How to make an easy start to the multi-cloud and cloud-native journey

Consumers, citizens, and governments are placing more trust than ever before on a digital future. To compete and win, organizations need to invest in new, cloud-native applications. The big question is, how do you get all the benefits of ‘digital’ as quickly as possible in the enterprise.

Clients need a trusted, scalable, highly flexible, secure, and future-proofed multi-cloud solution that combines all the innovation and scale of a public cloud, with the security and control of private cloud.

Enabling a true multi-cloud vision with clear measurable benefits

Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud is the foundation to enable, manage, and empower a multi-cloud vision and digital business. It’s:

Right for your business

Combines flexibility with fast time to market, meets compliancy needs and is commercially viable.


A scalable, consistent future-proofed solution that allows you to gain value from the huge growth in your data, on a global scale.

Reduces risk

Enablement of enhanced visibility and control over the complex cloud environments. While offering the data security needed as well as the compliance.

Your Benefits

A future proof business technology platform to run your current and future apps

Simplified budget tracking

Improved data quality for actionable insights

Innovation with Security

4-8x Accelerated time to market

28% Cost Reduction

28% lower 3-year TCO than the alternative, traditional 3 tier approach to data centers

25% Savings on average on monthly Cloud spend thanks to better visibility of TCO

56% greater ROI and faster IT service delivery

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