Network and Communications

Adopt core network services to keep your network running

Foundation Services

Secure legacy and digital networks


Legacy Network Services are scalable and reliable for current and future business needs


Creation of secure Network Infrastructure, minimizing business impact and ensuring efficiency

Secure and robust :

Heighten network security and availability


Ensure global network connectivity

Providing the primary services needed to run and support your network

While often invisible, without foundation services, your network and business would grind to a halt. Atos can help you transform your network to help you reinvent and reshape the future.

Atos Network Services define the path to a digital-ready network. Seamless integration with your digital infrastructure enables IoT, DWP, cloud, cybersecurity, network automation and more.

You can rely on our proven services. Best practice security standards form their foundation, including a fully redundant and dedicated instance for each customer and 24x7x365 network support and monitoring.

Remote Access Services

Atos Remote Access Services use encrypted tunnels to provide secure connectivity from the home office to corporate resources using the internet as a carrier medium. They ensure access to critical business resources from anywhere, at any time, either as full network access or restricted to specific applications.

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Internet Hosting Access

Our myriad of Internet Hosting Access services provided by the Atos strategic data center:

  • Allows access to the internet via Tier-1 ISPs
  • Provides proactive monitoring and customized reporting
  • Ensures bandwidth can be delivered on-demand

Internet Access Service is available as a business class service with assured high availability via dedicated bandwidth or economy class service leveraging shared bandwidth.

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Shared DC Platform Services

DC Services:

  • Leverage a best-in-class architecture andtechnology-agnostic approach to deploy complex infrastructures strategically and facilitate decarbonization

Direct dial-in (DDI):

  • Modules provide planning, tracking, IP network and domain management and name registration

Load Balancer:

  • Optimizes application traffic to ensure fast, uninterrupted access to improve uptime.

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Shared DC Security Services

Our Business Process Automation (BPA) services deliver B2B services to manage secure business partner connections and prevent loss/leakage and misuse of confidential data.

Our firewall services provide a holistic multi-cloud security framework that protects and secures vital corporate assets while making them available globally.

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