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Reduce energy costs by increasing the efficiency of your IT

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Accelerating your journey to net-zero digital emissions

Whether you’re at the very start of your emissions reduction journey or already well on your way toward your net-zero ambition, Atos’s Digital Green Advisory and Platform can help.

We help companies understand their current digital emissions status, build a roadmap toward emissions reduction, engage staff around sustainability and ensure their digital services underpin their net-zero targets.

The unique expertise from our climate experts in combination with our digital industry leadership can help you successfully achieve your net-zero digital emissions ambition.

Decarbonization Strathack

Atos facilitates this highly interactive one-day event:

  • Brings together business stakeholders, Atos experts and selected third parties
  • Explores strategic sustainability challenges
  • Builds consensus and momentum with our stakeholders
  • Rapidly develops viable ideas to take forward into accelerated execution.

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Digital Decarbonization Assessment

Atos can help you identify where to start and take your first steps on your digital decarbonization journey:

  • Work through six components including workshops and digital surveys
  • Reveal the current maturity of your IT decarbonization practices
  • Understand the maturity you desire
  • Build a roadmap to gradually move from your current state to your desired maturity state.

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MyCO2Compass digitizes carbon data collection, combines data sets and creates new insights for net zero acceleration:

  • Displays energy consumption from IT, travel emissions, waste and more
  • Focuses on reducing people-intensive collection and aggregation activities
  • Links current data to forecasting for better predictability and decision making

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Decarbonization Level Agreements

Our DLAs are our contractual commitment to our customers:

  • Measurable, binding and auditable
  • Measure the footprint associated with our service
  • Provide a roadmap on emissions reduction for that service
  • Promise to offset any residual footprint at the end of the contract period

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Green App

Our gamified ecosystem raises employee awareness around sustainability, encouraging active participation in Green IT challenges. Features include:

  • Daily challenges to complete and earn points
  • Carbon calculators that track emissions tied to key data sources (emails, devices, website)
  • Access to Environmental Management System (EMS) training

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Green Navigator

Our Green Navigator helps to close the expectation gap in sustainability between our customers and their third-party providers:

  • Concretizing sustainability requirements and determining their impact on services delivered
  • Designing and deploying service-specific measures to meet those demands
  • Implementing a measurement mechanism to structurally report on the sustainability progress made

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Digital Emissions Management Framework

Businesses are increasingly striving to lower and monitor their digital emissions in which technology plays a pertinent role. Our emissions management offering enables this indispensable goal by:

  • Indicating the direct and indirect emitters of the entire digital landscape
  • Specifying digital emission related data required to gain detailed insight
  • Putting a well thought through mechanism into effect to automate data acquisition from internal and external sources
  • Operationalizing an emission management platform to oversee the digital emissions reduction target

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ERP Sustainability Advisory

ERP sustainability advisory helps our customers to accelerate their decarbonization journey by:

  • Creating visibility in supply chain risks through a decarbonization lens
  • Optimizing business operations to reduce their emissions in line with the climate objectives set
  • Providing analytical capabilities to collect and examine multi-source data, and act on the outcomes to reduce the product carbon footprint

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Client Stories

Optimizing Scottish Water energy efficiency

When Scottish Water and Atos ran a joint Strathack, they identified a wide range of opportunities to increase efficiency. These included ways to reduce leakage, increase asset energy efficiency, optimize per-capita consumption, and cut travel to and from sites. Through the event, Atos helped Scottish Water reduce energy usage by 6-8% across 1,700 pumping stations.


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