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Cybersecurity Global Business Development, Atos Senior Expert and member of the Scientific Community

Marc is part of the Cyber Security Global Business Development team at Atos. His base profile is Senior IT and Information Security Consultant with extensive experience in most areas of the business, in international multicultural environments, from architecture or strategy definition, up to systems integration or operations management. Marc has played various roles during his career: as specialist, systems architect, business consultant, team lead, pre-sales, service manager… On top of his technical profile Marc has developed and practiced multidisciplinary activities such as project management, change management, customer management, innovation management and leadership. He is member of the Atos Scientific Community and as such he is actively involved in all aspects of Innovation and thought leadership to foresee upcoming technology disruptions and future business challenges. He is also appointed an Atos Senior Expert in Cyber Security, leading the IoT Security domain.

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Articles posted by Marc Llanes Badia

The R-word dreaded by cybersecurity experts, and a new approach to stop it

Right now, organizations are struggling in the ongoing battle against ransomware, investing $150 billion in cybersecurity in 2021 alone. Yet ransomware attacks continue to succeed and the threat landscape continues to grow. Consider these recent statistics: • According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Incident Report, ransomware is used in…

When coffee becomes digital

7 a.m. Alarm clock is ringing while the curtains open automatically following the sunrise. You don’t leave your bed until the smell of coffee comes in after your brand new e-CoffeeMachine connected to the house domotic system is preparing a nice cup of your preferred organic coffee from Colombia

Data security in a borderless digital world

In our Atos’ Scientific Community latest paper ‘Journey 2022’ we address a challenging digital dilemma: how to share data without compromising security or intellectual property. This dilemma is already a major concern today, however its scope and impact will massively increase in the coming years with data growing at a rapid pace. Data scientists recently claimed that the volume…

Why Managed IoT Security Services is the next big thing

Imagine getting into your – future - office’s front door and it is not opening because an IoT Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack disrupted all the IoT-based access to it. Yes you have multifactor authentication to get in, but your mobile (one of the factors) has no signal, your IoT-glasses do not have 5G connection anymore…

Stronger! Faster! Fitter!

Rio 2016 marked the debut of Rugby Sevens into the Olympic Games. Bravery, skill and speed define this brand new sport at the Olympics... Just like the new cybersecurity attacks coming to the Olympic Games IT infrastructure: the cybercrime threat landscape has been broader than ever and the IT security surface has been also bigger due the exponential growth of IT adoption…