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Assistive Technology Specialist, Senior Expert and member of the Scientific Community

Jim Smith is an integral part of the UK & I Accessibility and Digital Inclusion Team, working with both Atos customers and Atos employees. Jim has a PhD in Geology and worked in academic research on quantitatively modelling depositional environments for 15 years before joining Atos. In Jim’s opinion we have a responsibility to ensure that the technologies and business processes we develop are fully accessible and inclusive from their inception and these principles form an integral part throughout a product or service’s life-cycle. He passionately believes that Accessibility and Digital Inclusion are about ensuring that all employees can perform to the best of their abilities, through both the use of technology and the development of business processes, rather than simply ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Being Human in a Digital world – Part 1

Erwin Dijkstra Head of Atos Codex Offers for IoT, analytics and AI, Distinguished Expert and member of the Scientific CommunityJim Smith Assistive Technology Specialist, Senior Expert and member of the Scientific CommunityPosted on: 4 May 2018 The world around us is experiencing changes it has never seen before. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics…