About Christophe Brizot

Regional Director for Center Loire Valley Region

Christophe is Regional Director for Center Loire Valley Region, France. He has a strong 20 year experience in business and especially in running profit centers with sales and pre-sales, delivery of operations, P&L and team management. Before joining Atos in 2008, he was profit center manager at Steria working on the Infrastructure & Data Management market for IT, Telco & Services accounts. Passionate by digital transformation, Christophe manages an Innovation and R&D team focusing their activities on two verticals: Agriculture and Geoscience. Christophe especially likes working with start-up, academics, and the French Tech ecosystem in order to build disruptive solutions.

Articles posted by Christophe Brizot

Transforming the future of Agriculture with Data Analytics

As in most industries, digital technology is a formidable lever for innovation in agriculture. But, perhaps more than elsewhere, it appears as a response to questions that are as urgent as they are fundamental. The various agricultural sectors now face several challenges, each capable of undermining the current state of balance for decades, even centuries: to produce the…