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Digital Optimization lead and Engagement manager

Chris is a Digital CX and marketing professional currently working as a Digital Optimization lead and Engagement manager. Chris is a very creative Digital specialist and an ambassador for clear, smart and simple online customer journeys. He is experienced in leading digital teams, strategizing, defining and managing the end-to-end digital/online experience roadmap across a number of industries, specializing in the financial industry. He is passionate about customer centric design; developing communications, products and services through a customer lens using customer and behavioral insight.

Articles posted by Chris Robson

Knowledge is power…but only if you use it properly

What you need to know about online customer behaviour and how to shape it. I have always been fundamentally interested in “Online customer Behaviour”, what makes a person choose the route that they choose, what are they doing on the pages before they chose to purchase or register? During this article I’ve looked at 4 key…