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Atos Group CTO Strategic Technology Advisor Distinguished Expert of the ATOS Expert Community and member of the Scientific Community

Alexis has a major Software engineering background with over 30 years of experience in bringing technology and innovation to the business of customers. As an ENSIMAG engineer, he has international experience in product and service-oriented businesses in a global context. After experiences at Network General corp (CA, U.S.A) and 13 years spent at Hewlett Packard in various Architect and Management positions in the Network and Global PC Business division, he joined ATOS in 2013 where he has held management positions as Director of IT Service Management Development organization, Global Technical Services Architecture and CTO of the ATOS/Google Alliance. Since year he is now the Strategic Technical Advisor for the Atos Group CTO. Alexis is a member of Atos Expert Community as a Distinguished Expert.

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