Atos celebrates Asexual Awareness Week

Between 25–31 October, the Pride Network, Atos' LGBT+ employee network, celebrated Asexual Awareness Week by promoting and sharing resources to raise awareness of the sexuality and what it truly means.

Asexual is a sexual identity within the LGBT+ spectrum, and it is the label used by people who do not feel sexual attraction to others. Other labels and variations exist such as aromantic (those who do not experience romantic feelings) and demisexual (those whose sexual attraction is linked to deep emotional bonds). Ace is also used as an umbrella term for these identities.

Tamsin McCarthy, Pride Network Co-Chair, said: “Labels like asexual, aromantic and ace can be confusing to allies as well as others within the LGBT+ community. The Pride Network is here to help our employees understand more about the LGBT+ identity spectrum and encourage you to use this Asexual awareness week to learn more.”

About the Pride Network

The Atos Pride Network exists to bring together and support all lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees and their allies in the workplace. Their mission is to champion LGBT+ inclusion, awareness & the celebration of diversity within the workplace and wider communities. The network is open to everyone to join and supports all employees who may need support and advice.

In 2020 Atos was named 40th on the Stonewall Top 100 Employers list and the Atos Pride Network was recognised as one of their highly commended employee networks.


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