Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme wins ICW Award for Social Impact Working with the Third Sector

The Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme has been named winner in the Third Sector category at this year’s Institute of Collaborative Working Awards.

The award recognises businesses who have excelled through partnership working with the third sector for social impact.

Atos partners with ANTZ and its network of charities to deliver mentoring to prison leavers and those hard to reach in the community. The programme is also a collaboration of employees, clients and suppliers, unified by a shared goal to change people’s lives by providing skills and support towards employability. The programme has delivered £1.2 million in savings to society since it started in 2015.

The award was presented by ICW to Valerie Elliott, Atos Director of Client Relationship and programme owner on 10 December, following a successful finalist presentation with ANTZ CEO Jen Pemberton in September.

On receiving the award, Valerie Elliott said: ‘We are immensely proud to be recognised with this award, demonstrating the difference that can be made when business and community come together in true partnership. This award recognises all those who are part of the programme which has been particularly important this year in providing a valuable lifeline during these challenging times’.

ANTZ CEO Jen Pemberton said: ‘It is great that the Programme has been recognised for its innovation in partnering for social impact. This is six years of committed hard work, collaborating with community partners to identify local needs and with business leaders to drive a robust and sustainable social impact programme that changes peoples’ lives in and out of work.’

‘We are delighted that this award recognises our partnering with the charity sector. The programme is an exemplar for Atos globally of how we can and do deliver social value, giving a sense of meaning for Atos mentors who provide mentees with emotional and practical support towards their future,’said Damien Shevlin, SVP Human Resources, Atos Northern Europe.

Partnership is at the heart of Atos’s culture and this programme is a great expression of that, whilst also supporting our clients’ priorities of rehabilitation and crime prevention, commented Nikki Kelly, SVP Public Sector & Defence, Atos Northern Europe.

Learn more about the Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme.

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