Training and guaranteed employment in ‘Opération coup de poing pénuries’

Brussels, March 27, 2019

Atos, global leader in digital transformation, and Le Forem, along with the Technobel Competency Centre and CEFORA, are launching ‘Opération coup de poing pénuries’ in the IT sector. The three partners aim to develop a training programme that combines theory with practical in-house training. The icing on the cake is that Atos has committed to hiring at least 80% of participants who successfully pass the training!

An initiative to boost employment in the IT sector!
Digital technology is becoming an increasingly pervasive part of our daily lives. Businesses are also experiencing this, so they are investing in the digitalisation of their services. Prompted by Le Forem and its ‘Opération coup de poing pénuries’, Atos has contracted the Technobel Competency Centre to train 12 job-seekers to take on the challenge of digitalisation. The training aims to be tailored to the specific expectations of the employer in terms of the technical and people skills they require. Atos has committed to hiring 80% of participants who complete the training. As well as covering the training costs for participants, this initiative also demonstrates Le Forem’s strong commitment to increasing employment opportunities, bringing together the worlds of business and vocational training.

DevOps – Move to Digital, innovative training!
The operation is focused on developing new DevOps competencies. A largely unknown discipline, DevOps aims to accelerate the software development life cycle and increase the frequency of delivery to improve a company’s efficiency and performance. This discipline has given rise to new roles and new ways of working within businesses. These new IT skills profiles, whether specialising in development (Dev) or in operations (Ops), have the distinctive feature of understanding and taking into account the issues of the DevOps integration chain in their activities.

The training will be offered in Open Source Cloud-based architecture, Java, Angular and Linux System Administration, which support numerous business processes in Belgium.

Structured around theoretical and practical apprenticeships, the DevOps – Move to Digital training is classroom-based and will be held at Technobel. The training will include a nine-week work placement at Atos. This real-life immersion experience will be an opportunity for training participants to apply their skills and to gain first-hand experience of working in business.

Practical information
Two information sessions for job-seekers interested in this training will be held on 15 April and 2 May at the Atos office in Loyers, Namur.

A short foundation module, enabling participants to acquire the necessary skills for the training, will take place on 6 May in Ciney. As this is a modular programme, candidates with advanced skills can also join the DevOps – Move to Digital training.

The Opération coup de poing pénuries will begin on 24 June and run until 14 February 2020. All classes will be held at Technobel in Ciney with a nine-week work placement at Atos.


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