Jo Debecker

Executive Vice President Atos,

Head of Global Infrastructure and Data Management

For more than 50 years, mainframes continue to be the foundation for business-critical applications. Together with today’s evolution to cloud applications, mainframes form part of digital transformation. Mainframes can also be part of the hybrid cloud architecture by adapting tooling and modern ways of working to fit in with agile ways of working and distributed application landscapes. This makes the mainframe platform attractive for young professionals while at the same time contributing to cost reduction and decarbonization challenges.

As part of the core IT foundation and alongside the hybrid cloud platform the mainframe provides a robust platform for critical (cloud) applications. The orchestration of these applications relies on unified hybrid platforms to create and manage policies within your IT landscape, enabling the best usage with consistent governance, compliance and security. Transformation and modernization of mainframe applications is not an easy or quick task, it requires a well-prepared journey, starting with a digital strategy, a sound business case and excellent professional resourcing.

It is Atos’ mission to support customers in the overall transformation and transition of complex legacy applications into cloud using agile and top modern methodologies without losing the reliability and security of mainframes. Moreover, we support our customers in embedding the mainframe services into the hybrid cloud architecture. In doing so, we offer them the benefits of mainframe such as reliability, security and processing power as a platform for critical business applications.

There is no question that transformation to cloud underpins the digital transformation strategy within the enterprise. A successful transformation will keep organizations competitive and differentiated in their markets. Atos is there to help customers through each step of this decisive journey with highly experienced professionals and a track record in mainframe applications and infrastructure operations, skills, competences and knowledge needed to make this a successful joined journey.