Atos’ Mainframe Service: redefining the mainframe in today’s computing environments

Andreas Reppenhagen

Director Global Mainframe Services, Atos

For over 50 years Mainframe computing has played a defining role in the evolution of our increasing digital business and even in our daily lives. It is not about to disappear, quite on the contrary. Our service department dedicated to this robust and reliable platform, supports customers redefine and optimize their use of the mainframe.

The mainframe platform has written an incomparable success story. It began in 1964 with the first production-ready IBM mainframe on the market, and its success continues to this day. Throughout this period, the mainframe has consistently been developed using the most up-todate methodology and technology, and it is unfathomable to imagine the global market without it.

The requirements in the IT world have grown exponentially over the years, and many new computer generations have been created. Numerous times, there have been predictions that the evolution of the mainframe would make it impossible to keep playing a significant role in the market. But time and again, the mainframe architecture has proved itself as the most reliable infrastructure choice, especially for large companies with vast transaction rates. Most notably in the financial sector, insurance, manufacturing and retail, organizations rely on the mainframe to maintain the mission critical applications and data in a highly secure landscape.

More than 70% of all business IT operations take place on mainframes. Even in the highly flexible digital age, the mainframe continues to be the platinum platform for fast and transaction intensive orders. It is still the preferred engine for many core processes, now and for future IT generations.

Services as reliable and advanced as the platform
Atos, as an IT service provider and integrator, is convinced that services related to mainframe technology, with its security, scalability and speed, will continue to play a principal role in the processing of business-critical data in the future. With the continuous expansion of mainframe hubs, particularly in the USA and Europe, Atos demonstrates that these services will be offered long term and will be further developed in line with companies’ ongoing strategy and requirements.

Atos Mainframe Services not only focuses on offering stable global mainframe operation but is in many respects also highly innovative. As a core element of the global mainframe strategy, youthful and highly motivated teams of mainframe IT specialists are trained worldwide to meet the requirements of the outsourcing market and the demographic change of mainframe experts. Furthermore, Atos Mainframe stands for the expansion of innovations on this platform. Together with its partners and customers, Atos addresses such areas as Data Analytics, Economy/Automation, Hybrid Cloud Enablement, Security, Tiered Storage Automation, Digital Transformation and Workload Consolidation to break new ground and to develop the mainframe platform in the most efficient and technically advanced way to individually meet each organizations’ specific needs.

Over 100 successful transitions and transformations Atos’ customers say that the mainframe platform must be stable and unwavering, and that availability, speed and capacity must be guaranteed at all times. This starts with ensuring a perfect transition from the current infrastructure to a highly flexible and cost-effective mainframe service. The Atos Mainframe practice has demonstrated this ability to provide the mainframe environment, supported at all times by a global team of experts and talents. Atos has successfully realized over 100 smooth mainframe transitions and transformations, which were meticulously prepared together with the customer and always worked perfectly at ‘go-live’. All Atos mainframe experts are very proud of this track record and with their decades of experience, they are convinced that every new mainframe customer can migrate to Atos’ hub environment with a high level of expertise.

Customers were asked by Gartner what strengths and capabilities were particularly noticeable with Atos Mainframe. The answers were “empathy, responsiveness, commitment, competence, business understanding” we couldn’t agree more with these reasons they cited to fully rely on the

Atos Mainframe Service.
We continue to look forward to a successful future of the mainframe platform with our customers and current and upcoming mainframe partners. Together we are breaking new ground with innovative and strategic ideas based on the dynamic mainframe technology.

Safe passage to the cloud
It is only natural that every organization investigates which elements of the infrastructure might benefit from moving away from the “firm and resilient” mainframe workloads towards elastic microservices in the cloud. The Atos mainframe organization is ready and able to contribute and to manage the transition to a cloud-based application landscape with various secure data porting methods.

Starting with pure code translation, e.g. COBOL to JAVA, up to hybrid solutions with Docker on z/OS using the mainframe’s ecosystem and applications via API interfaces or using encrypted Secure Service Container on IBM Z, Atos can ensure operation and porting at the same time.