Critical Systems

Safeguard populations and ensure mission success

Providing reliable and efficient systems for homeland security and defense missions.

In a world of mounting asymmetrical threats, defense must be built around efficient information flow


Threats are increasingly global with both physical and digital targets. Countries, together with their essential infrastructure and industries need constant protection.

How best can you take advantage of the latest digital technologies for effective security and defense?

Specialist digital systems for homeland security and defense

Atos technology expertise combines with Bull products to create the information systems needed to support tactical operations, reconnaissance, cyber and homeland security. From observation to action, our systems enable you to collect and analyze critical data, generate alerts and provide operational staff with the information they need for timely decision-making.

Breadth of data collection

Gather data consistently from the widest range of sources and sensors.

Advanced decision intelligence

Clear interfaces, dashboards and workflows enable prescriptive decision-making for appropriate and timely response.

Processing power for analysis

Process massive information bases rapidly and efficiently reveal meaning.


Secure the entire chain, to maintain strategic advantage.

What our clients say about us

Atos signs contract in Spain to supply license plate recognition services for border control

“The implementation represents a further step in the creation of an area without borders, but with due guarantees for citizens”.

Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa, Director General of the Spanish Civil Guard

View the Press Release

Efficient systems for the most critical missions

Atos is an experienced partner in homeland security and defense initiatives. We work with public and private sector organizations to evaluate and adopt digital innovation for the most critical missions: battlefield management, border control, crime intelligence, emergency systems and video surveillance.


Advanced reconnaissance systems help defense and homeland security agencies recognize and analyze risk.

Border Control

Protecting air, sea and land frontiers with advanced border control.


Building critical-systems with advanced electronics and embedded microelectronics for real-time advantage.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)

Emergency Management

Next generation emergency and crisis management systems enable you to manage threats with the greatest efficiency.

Battlefield Management

Next generation C4I systems deliver tactical superiority on land, air and sea battlefields.

Video Surveillance

Fully managed video surveillance services exploit a ground-breaking end-to-end approach.

One unified security information management strategy


As every aspect of our life goes digital, so too grows the menaces with the potential to wreak havoc. Together with Dell EMC we have worked to create a unified, connected and optimized solution catering specifically to the security needs of today.

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Cyril Dujardin

Head of BDS Mission-Critical Systems
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Stéphane Janichewski

Head of Defense and Aerospace Market
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Christian Biller

Video Surveillance Business Development Manager

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