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Beyond pure performance, supercomputers must not just leverage the latest technologies, but also perfectly meet the needs of applications and users. Atos’s HPC R&D has designed the BullSequana X series of servers to provide maximum flexibility in terms of interconnect, power, and cooling, and cover the widest possible spectrum of applications. BullSequana X supercomputers offer an infinitely adaptable response, with a large choice of compute nodes, accelerated nodes and specialized nodes. And this multitude of components can be combined, in a completely customized way, into a single system and managed as a single system using the Bull supercomputer suite.

BullSequana X1000 open supercomputers

Designed by Atos’s R&D in close cooperation with major customers, the BullSequana X1000 supercomputer leverages the latest technological advances, so as to guarantee maximum performance for a minimized operation cost. BullSequana takes up the exascale technological challenges:

Open for future technologies
Limit energy consumption
Handle the data deluge
Accelerate application performance
Deliver a resilient system

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Bull Sequana X1000 cell

BullSequana X1000 cell

In BullSequana X1000, the computing resources are grouped into cells. Each cell tightly integrates:
compute nodes,
interconnect switches,
redundant power supply units,
redundant liquid cooling heat exchangers,
a dual node for distributed management and diskless support.

This packaging consisting of large building blocks facilitates high-scale deployment – up to 64.000 nodes, and optimizes density, scalability and cost- effectiveness.

The BullSequana X1000 cell is organized across three cabinets.
the two side cabinets contain compute nodes,
the central cabinet houses the interconnect switches.



Limiting energy consumption

Controlling energy consumption is the main roadblock on the path to exascale. BullSequana X1000 is ultra energy-efficient: it targets a PUE very close to 1.

100% of the components of BullSequana X1000 – both compute nodes and switches – are cooled using an enhanced version of the Bull patented Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) solution. DLC is a proven cooling technology that minimizes the global energy consumption of a system by using warm water up to 40°C.

The cooling system of BullSequana X1000 is sized to evacuate the heat generated even by the most extreme configurations – with very powerful and energy-hungry nodes.



Unchanged serviceability

For easy maintenance, all Bull Sequana X1000 components (compute nodes, interconnect switches, PSUs, heat exchangers…) are hot-swappable and can be serviced without interrupting system production. In the compute blades, the processors and DIMMs can be replaced without removing the cold plate. In a BullSequana X1000 cell, all maintenance operations are just as easy as in a standard air-cooled system.



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Atos sponsors the HPC User Forum that will take place on the Teratec Campus

The 70th edition of the HPC User Forum, organised by the Hyperion HPC analysts team (formerly IDC’s HPC team), will be hosted on March 6 and 7 by the CEA’s TGCC, near Paris. Come and listen to the Atos speakers.


BullSequana X1000 Brochure

Discover the range of supercomputers developed by Atos’s R&D, the systems needed to meet the major challenges of the 21st century.

Press Release

Atos to deliver the most powerful supercomputer in Germany at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Atos has signed a contract to deliver its latest supercomputer, the ‘BullSequana X1000’, to Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany. The 12-petaflop machine will be Germany’s fastest supercomputer.

The BullSequana X400 series is a comprehensive family of rack-mounted servers designed for High Performance Computing and offering an optimum balance between cost and efficiency.

Bull Sequana X440 E5

BullSequana X440 E5 – Compute servers

The BullSequana X440 E5 compute/service nodes integrate 4 2-way nodes within a rackmounted 2U chassis. Equipped with new generation Intel® Xeon® Processors Scalable Family , they offer even more performance and improved energy efficiency.

These cost-effective and ultra-dense servers are ideally suited for two uses:

as compute nodes within a cluster, in combination with BullSequana X430 E5 service
nodes (standard or cost-effective) and/or

as light service nodes in small clusters.

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Bull Sequana X410 E5

BullSequana X410 E5 – dense GPU-accelerated compute node

The 1U BullSequana X410 E5 servers are optimized for compute density, performance and power efficiency:

They support up to four NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPUs, interconnected either via PCI-E direct connect or via NVIDIA® NVLink™.

They also feature two Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

They are powered by ultra-high efficiency redundant Titanium Level power supplies.

The integration of up to four GPUs within 1U places this system at the forefront of today’s accelerated computing solutions, both in terms of performance and cost-optimization.


Bull Sequana X430 E5 1U

BullSequana X430 E5 1U – cost-efficient I/O node

The BullSequana X430 E5 cost-efficient I/O node is a rack-mounted 1U mono socket server optimized specifically to serve as an I/O node within a small to medium High Performance Computing cluster.

This model offers the full breadth of features needed in an efficient I/O server – with no unnecessary add-ons that may weigh on your licensing costs. It offers the perfect trade-off between cost-efficiency and performance.


Bull Sequana X430 E5 2U

BullSequana X430 E5 2U – HPC service node

The BullSequana X430 E5 is a 2U rackmounted 2-socket server. It is ideally suited as a service node, since its advanced connectivity features, its extended storage options and its redundancy features guarantee efficient and reliable cluster administration services.

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Bull Sequana X440 K5

BullSequana X440 K5 with Intel® Xeon Phi™ support

Atos adds a new server to its rack-mounted range, to leverage the outstanding parallel processing capability of Intel’s Xeon Phi™ bootable host processor.

The X440 K5 is a 2U rack-mounted server that integrates 4 nodes, each powered by one Intel® Xeon Phi™ x200 processor. The BullSequana X440 K5 supports all Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor types (code-named Knights Landing), including the versions with integrated Intel® Omni-Path Architecture fabric.

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Bull Sequana X450 E5

BullSequana X450 E5 – graphics node

The BullSequana X450 E5 is a versatile rack- mounted 2-socket server designed specifically to satisfy the visualization needs involved in Extreme Computing. 

The BullSequana X450 E5 can handle the most demanding HPC, data visualization and rendering workloads. It is optimized to support the latest graphics, coprocessor and accelerator cards.

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The BullSequana X550 series is a modular air-cooled blade system, designed specifically for Extreme Computing. Our aim? To offer you made-to-measure solutions based on industry standards so you can go even further, to demand more from your systems, to innovate even faster, and to turn the corner into the future at the head of the pack. Delivering anything from a few teraflops to several petaflops, depending on your needs, the BullSequana X550 blade system helps you push back the frontiers of innovation.

The BullSequana X550 blade system was designed with the following guidelines in mind:

optimization and simplification of the compute node for HPC usage,
integration of several compute nodes and first-level InfiniBand EDR or OPA interconnect,
flexible structure for communication and I/O networks, for the closest fit with customer requirements,
large memory footprint: for structured data management, structured and unstructured data analytics.

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Bull Sequana X550

BullSequana X550 air-cooled
blade system

The BullSequana X550 series initially proposes one blade model with two sockets per node. In the near future, the series will be extended with new blade models: four sockets per node, GPUs, storage. They will be fully compatible with the existing enclosure, to maximize the longevity of your system.

Leading edge technologies

The BullSequana X550 series leverages the latest technological advances such as:

Intel® Xeon® processors Scalable family and matching Intel chipset;
InfiniBand EDR or OPA interconnect switch integrated in chassis;
different options available for Ethernet network connection with 1GbE or 10GbE switches;
storage: 2.5” SSDs or HDDs and NVMe drives available.

Thanks to these innovations, the BullSequana X550 blade system delivers:

improved performance (enhanced compute node efficiency, reduced latency, higher communication and I/O throughput);
reduced cost of ownership compared to rack-mount servers with equivalent features;
enhanced reliability (less cabling).

Bull supercomputer suite version 5, or SCS 5, is the software suite for Bull HPC environments. It introduces a new approach to extreme computing software solutions. Bull SCS 5 is a scalable, open, and robust software suite that meets the requirements of even the most challenging HPC environments, which also require enhanced security.

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Suited for small to very large configurations

Bull SCS 5 is the result of Atos’s long experience in deploying large-scale supercomputers, combined to continued efforts in Research & Development.
Bull supercomputer suite version 5 is designed for every HPC need, from small supercomputers with just a few hundred cores to supercomputers with tens of thousands of nodes. It is cut out to reach performance targets of the order of up to 100 PFlops, based on new-generation CPUs and GPUs. The main goal of Bull SCS 5 is to provide a global high performance supercomputing environment. It includes:

 a standardized and scalable installation process with an enhanced update solution; mechanisms to ease integration of new hardware;
 default security with on-time fixes;
 and support for several user development and execution environments with top performance.

This new generation HPC software suite is a further step towards Exascale computing.

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A software suite for your supercomputer and your applications

Bull SCS 5 is a software solution that globally manages supercomputer environments, including data and applications. It is based on a recent Linux distribution (RHEL 7™).

Bull SCS 5 provides a robust, scalable, modular and flexible solution that easily adapts to customer needs. It is closely integrated with the Bull Sequana X1000 series based on the latest available technologies. It supports EDR InfiniBand with the MOFED stack and MPI accelerators MXM/FCA (both from Mellanox®), a complete development suite and Lustre (based on the Intel® solution). All critical services are configured to ensure High Availability.

Bull SCS 5 is based on best-of-breed open source and ISV software. The selected open source components are enhanced with Atos’s added-value features. ISV components can be added or can fully replace default components, depending on user needs.

By design, Bull SCS 5 is modular, allowing any ISV, open source or home grown software and tools to run seamlessly.

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Atos services to take full advantage of Bull supercomputer suite

As a leading provider of end-to-end Extreme Computing solutions, Atos provides consultancy services to help its customers to take full advantage of the benefits of Bull supercomputer suite throughout their projects: design, deployment and operations.

Bull supercomputer suite users can benefit from Atos’s worldwide and highly professional support offer, comprising traditional maintenance and upgrade services as well as dedicated, personalized and pro-active services.

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