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Edge computing

Edge computing allows you to store, process and analyze data directly at the source without the need for a datacenter. This brings speed, agility and efficiency enabling:

  • AI capabilities to improve your business operations
  • Real-time data analysis for predictive and prescriptive business operations and solutions
  • Greater speed to market
  • Greater efficiency without the need for datacenter resources
  • Full data security and compliance

BullSequana Edge Server

BullSequana Edge is optimized for AI inference at the edge. It is fully autonomous from datacenters, so it can be installed almost anywhere: inside or outside (it has an optimal performance from 0° to 48°). It can be mounted on a wall, desktop, on a tabletop or in a rack. It is equipped with an Intel Xeon D CPU and up to 2 Nvidia T4 GPUs.

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Edge Computer Vision

Our Edge Computer Vision is a complete environment of solutions powered and run on BullSequana Edge, dedicated to deliver computer vision capabilities. This environment can be fully managed and supported by Atos. It features Codex AI Vision, Atos’s computer vision solution and the best-in-class AI solutions from our partner ecosystem.

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Edge Data Analytics

Our Edge Data Analytics enables organizations to improve their IoT business models with predictive and prescriptive solutions. It is a complete environment dedicated to real-time streaming analytics and run on BullSequana Edge. Edge Data Analytics enables sensor analysis with real-time ingestion and monitoring without interruption.


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Edge Data Container

Our Edge Data Container is an all-in-one solution, serving as a decentralized IT system, running at the edge. It is a secure, highly standardized, industrial solution. It can run autonomously in non-datacenter environments with no need for a white room or local IT teams to operate. It can embed Atos Edge Computer Vision, Atos Edge Data Analysis applications and other production applications.

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In the coming years, all companies are likely to be subject to strict rules on C02 reduction. The use of Edge Computing can be effective in reducing the energy footprint of digital. This is achieved by reducing the need for datacenters and processing data at the source.


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Client stories

Predictive maintenance on rollercoasters for theme parks

Visitor satisfaction is the number one priority for theme parks who exist to provide a fun day out! Enjoyment can be affected by closed attractions and long waiting times.

We delivered our BullSequana Edge solution to this client to monitor the rides in real-time and predict issues before they happen allowing for timely maintenance and a reduction in downtime.

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Client stories

Video surveillance in smart cities

Video surveillance has become increasingly difficult with the proliferation of CCTV. Tracking individuals from one camera to another manually is no longer possible.

Edge Computer Vision is an AI solution run on BullSequana Edge that can automatically track a person of interest from one camera to another. This data is then collected, stored and analysed at the edge allowing security officers to respond to a potential threat in real time.

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Interactive paper: What is edge computing?

As businesses are facing the big data wave, the need for edge computing is growing. It enables IoT analytics in real time, without latency, even with low connectivity. This technology is vital for business to remain competitive in a fast-paced environment.

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