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End-to-end cognitive services from strategic consulting to ongoing support

AI has rapidly emerged as the number one game-changer technology across industries in recent years, and companies across the spectrum are investing in this emerging technology. Atos is the only company that provides offerings from hardware and cloud to consulting, implementation and support in AI.

Atos has built excellent capabilities in AI through organic and inorganic, and it has a best-of-breed partner ecosystem. It has also built a number of products, platforms and accelerators, all of which it brings to bear in building innovative and efficient solutions for its clients.

Conversational Systems

Atos offers end-to-end solutions in Conversational AI, from consulting to implementation and support:

  • Simple FAQ Bots to complex transactional bots integrated with complex backend systems supporting WhatsApp, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Expertise in popular cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and on popular products such as Watson and Rasa

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NLP & Search

Atos offers comprehensive document digitization services:

  • Inputs include physical documents, scanned documents and emails
  • Handle structured, unstructured and semi-structured content
  • Use techniques such as OCR, NLP, cognitive search, NLG
  • Cloud-based and/or on-premises solutions
  • Integrating COTS products and bespoke software for custom solutions

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Image, Video & Voice Processing

Our services allow you to derive insights from images and video content to improve day-to-day business operations:

  • Object, scene and activity detection, object tracking and text extraction
  • Automated video transcription for closed captioning and subtitles
  • Analysis of streaming and stored video with a pre-trained model to classify images
  • Implement on-premise and cloud-based partner solutions

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Deep Learning

Embed our Deep Learning services in your applications:

  • Learn without human supervision
  • Draw from unstructured and unlabeled data
  • Recognize specific representations (images, texts, videos, sounds)
  • Advanced analysis based on artificial neural networks with representation learning
  • Detect fraud or money laundering, among other functions
  • MLOps best practices for success with AI

Client Story

Ulster Bank empowers users with AI

As part of its wider digital banking strategy, Ulster Bank has embraced the use of AI. In one such initiative, the bank embarked on a project using Salesforce CRM with the help of Atos to deliver a data-driven approach to meeting customer needs. The AI component empowers Salesforce users with accurate, timely and relevant customer data.


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Client Story

BS|Energy adopts AI with Atos

Operating in the space of Energy Supply and Sewage Management, BS|Energy decided to adopt AI for process optimization and predictive maintenance. After an initial jumpstart workshop in Process Automation, an Atos and Google Cloud team helped BS|Energy adopt machine learning solutions by building models for automated sewer inspections.


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Client Story

Top 5 US Healthcare Payer

A leading US healthcare payer wanted to build analytical models for machine learning to offer analytical services to both internal and external customers, including healthcare providers, developers and researchers. Atos designed an ‘Analytics as a service’ platform based on a microservices architecture. The platform provides an easy plug-and-play analytics platform for the entire organization.


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Client Story

The Spanish Ministry of Health and AENA

With over 200 million travelers visiting Spain every year, the Spanish Ministry of Health and AENA needed a system to ensure the safety of citizens and tourists while promoting tourism. Atos built an AI-based solution in 25 days. The hybrid cloud solution enables contact tracing and efficient transits for all passengers, resulting in improved customer experience.


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Client Story

T-Mobile Netherlands

T-Mobile wanted to build a client-facing chatbot to enhance the customer experience for its clients. After proving its capabilities through a proof of concept, Atos used its industry expertise and Google Cloud services to build a state-of-the-art chatbot using AI capabilities to help T-Mobile increase customer satisfaction.


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Key contacts

Chetan Manjrekar

Head of Automation/RPA/Analytics/AI (ARAA) practice

Rudreshwar Sen

Head AI Center of Excellence, Atos|Syntel


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Dr. Gerald Bader

Head AI, Automation and Analytics for Central Europe


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Sathya Prasad Nanjundaiah

Head AI North America

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Thierry Caminel

AI Technology and Innovation Leader

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