Digital Transformation Retail Banking

Building hyper-agile best in class banking platforms

Financial Services Platforms

Transformation of digital banking and payment platforms

Cost optimization & control:

Over 30% reduction in cost to serve of traditional banks

Risk, Compliance and Security:

Regulation compliancy and fraud prevention

Modern Platforms and Processes:

Hyper-agile, launch fast and future proof for Open Banking

Customer Experience and Retention:

Reduction in onboarding times and personalized services for customers

Reinventing the payments business model with hyper-agile platforms

We offer new digital innovative payment models that comply with regulations and are based on client centric use cases. We do this by transforming core legacy payment systems with modern payment services such as e-payments, card and merchant services, payment processing integration services as well as connected commerce, fraud detection and regulation.


  • Building new banking models across the full value chain from origination to back office, providing consumers with personalized products and services instantly for an evolving lifestyle
  • Reducing the cost to serve, creating new products and channels in hours not months

Digital Banking Platforms

Financial services institutions around the world trust our digital banking platforms to provide them with:

  • A hyper-agile best-in-class banking business for core products
  • The assembly of new banking models from origination to back-office
  • Leading customer experience through product, data and partner ecosystem agility
  • Access to a full neo-Bank deployment or progressive digital modernization roadmap

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Payments Platforms

  • Financial institutions around the world trust our Payment Platforms to provide them with:
  • New digital payment models across the payments value chain in compliance with regulations, risk management and innovative customer centric use cases
  • Transform core legacy payment systems improving performance and more efficient customer onboarding
  • Services that cover the full value chain – from e-payments and cards to connected commerce and fraud mitigation
  • The agility to compete and generate new revenue streams

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Client Story

Pioneering business transformation with National Savings & Investments

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) is a publicly funded bank that must balance the interests of taxpayers and customers while also future-proofing the business. With Atos as the partner for core platform transformation, NS&I has pivoted to become a digital business with one of the most ambitious outsourcing contracts in the UK.


  • Committed savings of £1 billion in 2021 from outsourcing
  • Entire banking platform upgraded for 25 million customers
  • Efficiency ratio cut from 30+ basis points to 7.8

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