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Flemish Government

Industry: Public Sector
Region: Northern Europe

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“Working with Atos, the Flemish Government rose to the challenges of the pandemic and put Flanders on the map throughout Europe as a leading region in the development of new technology.”

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Global head, long group titles, University of Flandich

Going digital

The Flemish Government is the executive branch of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region of Belgium. The government is radically going digital in its operations and in its interactions with citizens, organizations and other authorities. The agency Facilitair Bedrijf provides important support for this with a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) services to Flemish government entities and local administrations under framework agreements. A new program was started with the aim to develop a renewed common ICT service framework, which fulfills both the needs of the Flemish government and the need for more citizen-centric digital services through innovative IT solutions.

The Flemish government was looking for a reliable and experienced technology partner with expertise in digital transformation and innovation. After a thorough selection process for the 2022 Flemish ICT contracts, Atos won the seven-year contract that will enable a transformative digitalization of the Flemish region. Both partners will not only drive digital transformation, but also export Flemish technology to the rest of Europe and the world thanks to Atos’s international presence.

Innovative ecosystem in Flanders

The agreement between Atos and the Flemish government is estimated to be the largest outsourcing framework contract in Benelux. Atos provides comprehensive services in three areas:

  • Service Integration (or SIAM) including Service Desk and Security Services
  • Datacenter and Cloud Services
  • Application Services (as one of the 3 parties)

In Flanders (the Flemish region of Belgium), Atos will form a unique ecosystem with local partners, including the research company imec, to market Flemish technology worldwide.

Atos has a lot of experience in entrepreneurial innovation through collaboration with start-ups. Through its Scaler-program, Atos has long been investing in start-ups and companies that develop innovative technologies. Scaler offers organizations an opportunity to develop their technological solutions and roll them out abroad.

Toward a digital future

The services provided by Atos in collaboration with the authority will create new jobs in the future and help Flanders to become one of the most innovative regions in Europe.

The Flemish government selected Atos because of its ambitious vision of the future. After the pandemic, in order for the Flemish economy to recover as quickly as possible, fully investing in a digital future is essential. By working with the government Atos will also be investing in the development of Flanders and local companies.

“The pandemic put a lot of pressure on the Flemish economy, but the recovery period is also an excellent opportunity to put Flanders on the map throughout Europe as a leading region in the development of new technology. There is no shortage of innovative ideas in Flemish companies and start-ups, but local players lack the resources to develop technology on a large scale. As a global player with global activities, Atos is in a unique position to export Flemish technology. Together we are going to make Flemish companies great,” says Jo Debecker, Executive VP and Head of Global Operations at Atos.

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