People and Talents

Being a responsible and ambitious employer

Our growth ambition requires high performance and continued potential development to become the market digital leader.

Developing our talents is naturally one of our top priorities.

Philippe Mareine

Head of Group Human Resources and Global Siemens Alliance, Atos

“Putting people first is the foundation of the Atos way of working and of its growth strategy. Atos’ vision is to be the preferred employer for today’s most talented digital experts.”

People challenge

Atos is committed to being a responsible employer, attracting and nurturing talented people from diverse backgrounds, promoting collaborative working and well-being at work. Its ability to fulfill employees’ expectations combined with the size and values of a global Group help Atos to attract the best talents in the market.

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Our ambition

Attracting the best digital natives to incubating digital leaders

Atos commits to become the undisputed partner for our customers in their digital journey offering to our people front row seats to building the new digital world.

To reach this, Atos is investing in being an inspirational digital leader with limitless opportunities to fast track career growth.

dedicated programs for talents and high potential

Dedicated programs for talents and high potentials

The Global Compact Logo

Atos adheres to the ten universally principles defined by the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption

Awards cup

The Atos IT Challenge


Our priority is to develop and acquire the best digital skills to provide end-to-end solutions to customers reinventing their business models in a digital world.  With our Wellbeing@work program and its set of initiatives, we focus on creating an engaging work environment and a global culture that reflects the diversity and aspirations of our people.

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Strategic relationships with top 90 Tier One universities worldwide

In-house digital expert pools & network

In-house digital expert pools & network

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State of the art global development programs

We are ZeroEmail™

Powerful leverage effect of Zero Email™

By creating a strong sense of urgency such as Zero Email™ ambition, desired by our CEO Thierry Breton in 2011, we alerted and stimulated in-depth enterprise cultural changes.

Atos recognized that email was a key hurdle for collaborative transformation. And the replacement of internal emails with collaborative technologies has resulted in a profound cultural shift at Atos.

Capitalizing on Zero Email™program  benefits  with a decrease of 70% of internal emails after  3 years and  new ways of communicating with a collaborative ecosystem, Atos continue its Digital Transformation journey towards Social Collaboration and knowledge sharing.

arbre social collaboration

“Atos’ experience is evidence that an effective collaboration platform isn’t just a tool for communication, it’s a key to achieving smooth, integrated growth and competitive advantage in the knowledge economy.”

– Harvard Business Review (June 2015) –

The art of Communities Collaboration

At Atos we strive to create the Firm of the Future by fully adopting the social collaborative way of working. By working together in online communities, sharing expertise and interests across entities and countries, we improve our performance and unleash significant business benefits

We are taking advantage of a new connected team culture and our goal is to generalize this culture for all Atos current and future businesses

Collaborative leaders and employees which apply the collaboration principles unleash significant winnings by :

  • creating added value and more revenue
  • increasing project team productivity
  • accelerating our sales time to market
  • improving our customer satisfaction
  • generating collective innovation and ideation

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