Atos celebrates International Women’s day 2020

International Women's Day 2020: Each for Equal

The 2020 International Women’s Day theme is #EachForEqual which seeks to better the balance by challenging stereotypes and broadening perceptions to make headway.

Here at Atos, the focus is on getting to equal. Our Women Who Succeed program grew from the need to identify women as successors for all key roles, and to subsequently prepare them for these positions. Support comes from ExCom on down, with mentoring opportunities, targeted learning programs, women’s leadership development curriculums, and tech talks presented by our women in the Expert and Scientific Communities.

Let’s look at the transformational efforts of Global Tooling Services to achieve gender balance within their leadership team: at the beginning of 2019, 25% of their leadership team members were women. Ever mindful of the need to provide more opportunities for women to advance, they identified top women talents in all GBUs/GDCs and initiated a comprehensive effort to prepare them for advancement. Operation Each For Equal was underway!

Development needs were addressed through leadership coaching, targeted learning plans, opportunities to plan and execute events, and extensive networking amongst within GTS. These efforts truly paid off; GTS ended 2019 with women accounting for 51% of their leadership team!

Tarush Gupta, Vice President & Global Head- GTS, Lean & Automation, saw immediate, positive results from this concerted team effort; “With an increase in women leadership in the team, we have started observing a culture where different perspectives are presented & discussed in strategic meetings. We have started becoming more pragmatic and more sensitive to people issues impacting the group.”

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