Atos Consulting

Atos Consulting is a leading global business and IT consultancy organization. The Regional Business Unit Northern Europe has five practices in the Dutch organization: Digital Transformation (Analytics/Codex, Digital Workplace, Digital Customer Experience/Digital Marketing), Business Performance Improvement (Industry 4.0, PEGA, Robotic Process Automation, SAP4HANA), Technology Strategy & Innovation (IT Strategy, IT Transformation, Cloud & Application Transformation, IT organization improvements), Governance, Risk & Compliance (Risk Management, Audit, IAM, Cybersecurity) and Foundation (a young professionals program).

Atos Consulting is part of Atos, the international listed IT service provider and global IT partner for the Olympic Games. Atos is active in more than 73 countries and with a team of 110.000 Business Technologists. Atos offers profound market expertise, a global range and an impressive service portfolio. With over 30 years of successful consulting experience, managed services – number one in Europe – system integration, cloud computing and transactional services, Atos understands the business challenges of its customers and delivers IT solutions with measurable and sustainable results. Based on the Consult-Build-Operate model, Atos operates at the cutting edge of business and IT, delivering end-to-end solutions.

Chatbot In One Week

With the current crisis organizations are increasingly facing business challenges. Consumers, clients, citizens and employees have more questions now than ever on how the current crisis affects them directly or indirectly. Organizations such as airlines, retailers, municipalities, banks or insurance companies are experiencing an increasing workload on their customer support. To ensure speed and quality Atos can help with this, by building and implementing a good FAQ Chatbot In One Week* on the right communication channel. Together with organizations, working remote, Atos will help realizing a good working FAQ Chatbot within a week that can serve as a base for further scaling.

*Dependent on input and architecture of client

Remote Working

Creating an effective and pleasant environment for employees when working remote can sometimes be a challenge for organizations.Employees need to adjust to the switch from face-to-face collaboration to remote working via online collaboration and communication tools. Atos can help organizations maintain employee satisfaction and employee engagement, ensuring personal and team effectivenesswith attention tocyber security.


With AIR, Atos enables organizations to ensure continuity of critical processes during business disruption. AIR can be the answer to overcome physical barriers and maintain business continuity and makes it possible for experts, customers or employees to work and communicate with each other without being on the same location. AIR can be made operational within 1,5 week without the need for any physical contact. Interested? Read more:

Fast, Lateral and Innovative Problem Solving

During severe business disruptions organizations face business challenges. Organizations need to act swiftly while at the same time ensure business continuity. Depending on how organizations are impacted, this might mean taking extreme measures. These measures will mitigate the first risks and losses but might eventually negatively impact short- and long-term business continuity. Atos can help organizations by flipping business challenges with Fast, Lateral and Innovative Problem Solving through online collaboration and communication tools.

Handsfree Automatic Handling

Websites and contact centres are overwhelmed by questions, employee requests and request from clients and citizens, which are mainly handled manually. The manual handling is error sensitive as well as labour intensive. The current situation and time pressure requires speed and efficiency. Ideally creating an environment that structures both existing and incoming requests, executes to a large extent tasks automatically, and keeps an overview of non-automated tasks. Atos can help with a solution in the cloud (internally or externally) by use of an RPA (Robotics Process Automation) platform which can be delivered in a very short time.