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Advanced Computing

Combining the resources and flexibility of different computing universes, Hybrid Computing enables organizations to take full advantage of both on-premises and cloud solutions to harness the full power of supercomputing, for the widest possible spectrum of applications.

Quantum Computing

High End Server

High Performance Computing

Integrated Systems

Analytics, AI & Automation

The Economy of data is profoundly transforming most sectors and business models. Through advanced co-innovation, we help you not just to innovate but to reinvent your business.

Artificial Intelligence

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Automation and Robotics

Atos codex analytics

Codex, Connected Intelligence

Cloud Solutions

Success today is all about being customer obsessed; innovation focused – digital experiences blending with modern solutions; data-driven and finally product velocity, in a secured way. All of these key success elements rely on one factor: the right cloud powered enterprise. Atos works across the cloud lifecycle to weave secure digital solutions into the fabric of business using a global arsenal of full stack capabilities that enable clients to compete successfully in a decarbonized and fast changing world.

Digital Cloud Platforms

App Modernization

Data Center to Cloud

Customer Experience

Mobility and collaborative technologies profoundly change the way we work and consume. Leveraging Atos pioneer expertize, we help you not just providing a better service, but an entirely better consumer and workforce experience.

Customer Journey Analytics

Digital Customer Experience


Today’s open digital ecosystems change the rules of risk and compliance. With our advanced expertise in critical systems, we help you not just to provide security but to create trust.

Advance Detection and Response

Data Protection

Data Protection and Governance

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Digital Workplace Security

Cloud Security

Atos Industrial and IoT

IoT and OT security

Trusted Digital Identities

Digital Consulting

The digital journey is like a sport. They both demand determination, performance, reinvention and persistence. We can never do these alone. Every step towards progress is the result of constant challenge and collaboration.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Workplace

Hyperconnectivity, massive computing power and robotic automation are changing the way we operate. Through unique digital leadership, we help you not just do more with less but do better with less.

Critical Communications for Missions

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Digital Workplace

Edge & Internet of Things

Interaction between machines, products, people, processes and enterprises triggers positive change at every level. Now, you can unleash this formidable opportunity for competitiveness and growth.

Critical Communications for Industry

Industry 4.0 exploration

Internet of Things

Edge Computing

Infrastructure & Foundation Services

What if you could bridge IT service to business performance to achieve radical improvement – reducing incidents by 60% and more, for example? Measuring the business efficiency of the complete process chain now becomes the priority. IT performance is only relevant in terms of business contribution.

Managed Services

Multi-Sourcing Service Integration


Modern Applications & Platforms

At Atos, we not only master SAP technologies from end to end. We have built unique accelerators to help you unleash the business potential of new SAP HANA technologies for differentiated advantage.

Business Accelerators (SAP)

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