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Media Workflow Management

Apply next-generation automation to your media workflows


Get time back in your day by utilizing powerful automation

Cost of Cloud:

Drive down costs by only paying for what you need


Single source of truth throughout your workflow


On-going support from broadcast and media IT experts

Managing media-specific workflows and processes

Whether you are looking to build a new media workflow management solution or modernize your existing process, Atos can help you. We work with some of the world’s largest content providers to deliver tailored solutions for the broadcast and media industry.

As the industry accelerates its move to cloud and hybrid solutions for content management, we can help you leverage best-in-class media process and content management solutions. By building it from the ground up, we equip you with a solution that’s not just for now but also evolves with you as the media industry continues to evolve.

Content Supply Chain Automation

Our end-to-end services, from consulting through to managed support:

  • Automate all or part of your current content supply chain
  • Provide one central cloud-native platform to manage, curate, orchestrate, deliver and monetize your content
  • Integrate with your existing post-production systems, including Avid and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Engage a wider audience with multi-platform distribution

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Understand your existing processes

Atos broadcast and media experts help you map out your existing processes, including:

  • A detailed analysis of your existing supply chain processes, both manual and automated
  • A complete set of workflows and mappings
  • Recommendations for next steps to add further value to your existing workflows

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Content Commissioning and Ad Clearance

We can help you revolutionize your workflows for commissioning content and advertising approval:

  • End-to-end services, from consulting to on-going managed support
  • Configurable, unified platform for case management within a media context
  • Cloud-native for secure access from anywhere
  • Scalable, to grow with your business
  • Powerful feature set to track approval flows throughout your organization

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Rights Management

Leverage our unified platform for content rights management:

  • Move your rights management tracking out of spreadsheets
  • Take advantage of pre-defined content tagging
  • Integrate with supply chain workflows to automate distribution based on content rights
  • Easily add, adjust or remove rights as your agreements change

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Client Story


RAI, via its RaiPlay multimedia platform, is continuously improving customer experience. Read how Atos provided new automation solutions and round-the-clock advanced infrastructure and application management services. RAI benefits from maximum efficiency when storing, managing, delivering and playing online content, live and on-demand.


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