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Carbon Offsetting

Reach net-zero now

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Support meaningful carbon reduction or sequestration projects around the world

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Follow our zero-risk carbon offset strategies refined by 15 years’ experience

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Offset your carbon emissions while you work to reduce them

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EcoAct has offset over 30 million metric tons of carbon for its clients

Successfully navigate the changing carbon market and support sustainable development projects

Investing in certified carbon offsetting projects while you transition to net zero allows you to address all the carbon you haven’t yet reduced from your operations. Carbon offsetting plays a crucial role in contributing to net zero goals in two ways:

  • By financing the reduction of GHG emissions
  • By strengthening natural or technological carbon-capturing mechanisms or carbon sinks

EcoAct, an Atos company, has more than 15 years of experience managing carbon-offsetting projects. We’ve offset more than 30 million metric tons of carbon, and we can help you transition to net zero — now.

Offsetting Strategy

  • Work with us to define what you want to achieve from offsetting, considering factors such as project types, locations, links with your sustainability strategy and key UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Get an overview of the carbon market to evaluate which projects you wish to invest in

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Project Development

Our project developers provide:

  • Comprehensive feasibility studies to confirm project eligibility and carbon reduction potential
  • Support with certification, verification and audit processes, from feasibility and project documentation writing through to delivery of credits

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Client Stories

The UK’s first carbon positive housebuilder

The Berkley Group wanted to become the first major housebuilder in Britain to become carbon positive in their direct operations. The results of the project were:
  • Operational emissions reduced by 22%
  • 25,102 REGOs purchased - more than their consumption of purchased UK electricity at 21,480 MWh.
  • 20,000 tCO₂e offset through verified projects - more than their remaining emissions of 17,914 tCO₂e

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Client Stories

Leading financial services company maintains certified carbon neutrality

Since 2012, the company has been certified to the PAS 2060 carbon neutral standard by EcoAct. As part of the program, it must invest annually in high standard carbon credits, choosing projects which have long-term social and environmental benefits and are certified to international standards. Pursuing this certification has also led to:
  • Over €0.6 million invested in sustainable development
  • A 14% smaller business carbon footprint
  • Increasingly ambitious emissions targets

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Carbon-offsetting FAQ

There is a certain amount of cynicism around the term offsetting.

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What do we mean by Nature-Based Solutions?

The EcoAct Nature-Based Solutions unit focuses on climate change, ecosystems and communities.

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