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Simplify IT maintenance and support, driving efficiencies

Maintenance & Support

Simplify and Optimize your IT Maintenance

Service availability

Guaranteed 99.9% availability, eliminating unplanned downtime


Optimize costs and build partner ecosystems to secure value


Manage complex environments and multiple providers

Employee redeployment

Let your people focus on business value, not administration

Optimizing the maintenance of your entire IT footprint

Optimizing the maintenance of increasingly complex multi-vendor IT environments is tough and resource-intensive. But Atos is here to help.

You may need to guarantee system availability, reduce ever-increasing costs or minimize administration efforts so your people can focus on driving business value. Whatever your need, our comprehensive portfolio addresses evolving market challenges. We can work with you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Take advantage of our experience, expertise and global reach in maintenance. We’re here to help you transform your maintenance activities.

Hardware, network & software break-fix

Our hardware, network and software support services ensure IT environments are kept up and running – providing much more protection than standard warranties.

With engineers trained on different technologies and an extensive partner ecosystem, we will ensure that should any fault occur, it will be promptly resolved, minimizing any business impact.

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Predictive maintenance and monitoring

Our proactive maintenance strategy is the most effective way to avoid unplanned downtime, particularly for your critical systems:

  • Automatic fault-triggering software fitted to your systems
  • Alerting of our dedicated monitoring teams when faults occur
  • Resolution of potential incidents before you even know they existed.

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Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Atos is an experienced expert in maintaining even the most complex IT environments:

  • Provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for maintenance tasks.
  • SPOC takes full responsibility for maintenance delivery.
  • Lightens the load of managing the maintenance of a multi-vendor IT environment.
  • Takes you from juggling across dozens of suppliers to working with just one.


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Install, Move, Add, Change, Decommission (IMACD)

Atos offers a broad range of IMACD services for your data center:

  • Install: includes pre-installation visits, hardware installs, configuration, testing and software validation.
  • Move: takes you to a new location within your current facility.
  • Add: installs and customizes additional hardware or software.
  • Change: takes care of change management.
  • Decommission: ensures systems are retired securely and sustainably.

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Client stories

UniHA Procurement Center for French Hospitals

French hospitals rely on a wide variety of technologies. With demand for equipment availability high, ‘speed of return to operational condition’ is a critical indicator. Read how Atos provided global maintenance through two batches of IT maintenance and infrastructure services: Unix and x86 servers; and storage and archive units.

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Atos Maintenance SPOC Factsheet

Find out more about our Atos Maintenance SPOC as part of a wider maintenance portfolio aimed at supporting your IT environment.

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Enhanced Warranty Maintenance Factsheet

Track the lifecycle of your equipment. Read how enhanced Warranty Maintenance from Atos provides you with additional support from day one, safeguarding your organization’s IT systems.

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Service Assurance Factsheet

Discover how you can achieve operational excellence with service assurance. Explore how we guarantee service quality and customer satisfaction in line with your SLAs.

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The top three reasons to work with a dedicated hardware support partner

Recently, I was struggling to explain a maintenance offering from Atos to a dear friend who has a limited appreciation for digital technology.

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Global Head of Maintenance & Support, Technical Services

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Global Maintenance & Support Portfolio Manager, Technical Services

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